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Allegory of Solomon

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The last character in holy scriptural accounts to whom god allegedly appeared visibly was Solomon.  There is a reason for this, and it is traceable to earlier Pagan scientific knowledge.  In the development of energy into the stage of visible matter, the first visible phenomenon of that activity is a focused point of light.  And that concentrated light shines as a transformational marker in the development of dense matter, and ancient Pagan teachings referred to that in-between stage as etheric matter, which they symbolized with the Sun.

So significant is the energy change out of the etheric matter stage that a whole eight chapter book is dedicated to it in the Bible.  It is the Old Testament book known as the Song of Solomon, which tends to embarrass the “experts” on religious meanings.  What these “songs” were metaphorically drawn upon was the creative principles where energy figuratively becomes enamored with the generative involvement as dense matter.   The “songs” were fashioned on lyrics that came down in oral tradition long before priests in Jerusalem gathered them into canonical form.  Despite all their titillating imagery, the real meaning in the lyrics has nothing to do with physical sexual attraction, but uses that  suggestively because everyone can relate to that attraction.  So the uptight “experts” can relax.

The mythic character of Solomon, the mythic son of the unverifiable David, personifies that etheric nature of the Sun which radiates and rules over the life force active in the dimensions of energy as matter.  Allegorically, Solomon therefore is depicted as Lord or king over the dense matter dimensions of energy.  The Sun, being visible but not developed as a dense matter object, is a logical marker of energy poised between prototype matter and defined matter.  Once the scientific basis of Pagan symbolism is understood, it becomes obvious that Solomon represents solar power and all the claims presented for the alleged character of Solomon become clarified.

In regard to Solomon being the last character in holy scripture to allegedly see the Creator visibly, the ancient Pagan teachings should be consulted.  When the development of energy into dense matter form is achieved, the primal stages of development of that energy involvement cease to be seen.  Figuratively, the Sun, as the first stage of visible matter, therefore may “see” that primal creative energy which is personified as the Creator God.  For this reason the scriptures record no more personal appearances of the personified Creator as being seen by any of the subsequent scriptural characters.  All the succeeding characters that merit storytelling space gain their “divine” insight only through visions and/or dreams, not from any direct encounter with the deity.

It must be remembered that the books of 1 and 2 Kings, in which Solomon is featured, were written centuries after the timeframe of the purported events.  The author was most likely Baruch ben Nerian, the scribe to the “prophet” Jeremiah.  The name Solomon was derived from the Roman word Sol, ie the Sun; and Om (or Aum), the Hindu mantra characterizing supreme power; and On, the Chaldean-Egyptian address to the Sun.  (Yes, the priests of Yahweh in Jerusalem were aware of Hindu belief.)  As the representative of the Sun which rules over the solar family, it becomes obvious why Solomon was characterized as having unparalleled wisdom, for light has always symbolized wisdom.  And knowing that Solomon is representative of the Sun, the enormous wealth that he is alleged to have possessed has rationality.  The legendary “mines” from which he is alleged to have drawn that enormous wealth is none other than the Sun itself.

Past generations have been more cognizant of the fact that biblical tales often placed great importance on numbers.  Indeed, numbers bandied about in holy tales served as symbols that, in themselves, tell the initiates a far different story than they do to those who take each tale at face value.  Authors of scriptural tales often played with those numbers, disguising them within myths.  The Hebrew word yod, for example, is the number six, and it signified God at the sixth dimension (“day”) of Creation.  When yod was repeated three times it was a (magical) devotional address to God.  That numerical code is found in the myth of  Solomon in the allegation that his gold mines yielded “…six hundred threescore and six talents of gold” per year (1 Kings 10:14).  Thus the gold value is disguised as yod repeated three times, or 6+6+6.

The Hebrew/Judaic regard for the devotional three-time recitation of yod was therefore inverted by this New Testament author as beast 666.  As a result Revelation 13:17 equates the claimed yearly financial excess of Solomon’s gold in Hebrew scriptures with the pursuit of greed and evil, saying, “And that no man might buy or sell, save that he had the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.”   However, the “name” or “mark” or “number” is intentionally made ominous by not being clearly explained.

More clues to the occult meaning of the character of the scriptural Solomon are hidden in other aspects of the tale as well, such as the name given for Solomon’s mother, Bathsheba.  And also in the story feature that the Queen of Sheba is said to have come to Solomon for his blessing.  The word “sheba” signifies “seven,” and in ancient Pagan teachings based on scientific principles, the seventh plane of energy development is the achievement of visible matter, symbolized with the Sun—the creative purpose or blessing of energy involvement.

When the more ancient (and scientifically based) Pagan symbolism is consulted, it becomes clear why, in spite of all the claims made of Solomon’s wealth and his alleged worldwide recognition, he was never mentioned in any records of any of the nations that supposedly interacted with him.  All the deeds, fabulous wealth and eccentricities of Solomon are to be found only in Hebrew scriptural myth.

There is a curious feature in scriptural storytelling lineup, which is that in the timeframes that followed the unverifiable Solomon, no one, not even the “prophets,” ever encountered so much as an angel, let alone receive their “revelations” directly from a visible deity.  The closest that any “prophet” came to seeing even an angel is the minor “prophet” Zechariah, and he saw that angel only in a vision.  The belief in angels is traceable to Pagan wisdom also.  The ancient lessons on Creation were in regard to the available units of creative energy which are drawn upon from the non-manifest (quantum) conditions in the Source by all matter-forms.  Those creative energies necessarily accompany and sustain every faction of consciousness; thus everyone and everything in the visible plane can figuratively be said to have their “guardian angel.”  They do, however, have the frustrating characteristic of remaining invisible to us.

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Another New Year

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Each year the Sun reestablishes its apparent northward movement on the 25th of December, marking the position at which light begins to increase in the northern hemisphere.  This phenomenon is much grander in scope and more awesome in infinite power than is any imagined virgin birth of a demigod or some oil lamp in a temple allegedly burning on limited oil for eight days.  The interaction of planet Earth and the Sun is in every way a much truer covenant extended to all life by the creative universal power than are the ego-gratifying stories of special favor extended by god only to some select assemblage of people.

For our ancient ancestors—those much maligned Pagans—who felt a more intimate connection with nature and the observable heavens than is acknowledged today, there was no egotistical need to disguise the natural occurrences such as the solstice and equinox periods as being some mythic miracle performed only for a favored few.

For seven days following the end of the Winter Solstice (Dec. 25), which was honored by the Pagans as “Mother Night,” the beginning of increasing light was reason for celebration and the exchange of gifts among family and friends to acknowledge the approach of production and abundance.  And in this period, in recognition of the true miracle of the Sun’s support of life, the customary salutation upon parting with loved ones or friends was the blessing, “May your light increase.”

After seven days of celebration from Earth’s apparent emergence from the long nights, the routine chores of life were taken up anew, and a new cycle was calculated from the end of that seven-day celebration period.  Thus the time of the New Year observance that is today recognized across much of the world has its foundation in Pagan recognition of the scientific principles that are active throughout the universe and demonstrated in the Earth/Sun relationship.

The awe-inspiring universe was perceived by Pagan cultures to be a living thing–a vast unified consciousness.  When the Pagans looked out into the universe they identified something at work that was much grander in scope than do the constraining faith systems of today which choose to imagine some humanlike personification presiding over and directing that all-embracing power.  The Pagans felt an intimacy with that enfolding universal power which the practice of ecclesiasticism can never experience.  The spiritual attunement of the ancient Pagans with the surrounding universe confirmed for them the interrelatedness of all things.  They would judge as weirdly unrealistic the religious interpretations postulated by self-serving faith systems today that Creation’s power is separate, distant and aloof from everything that is made manifest.

Humankind’s invented hierarchical faith systems always have an unfortunate tendency to leave their followers with vague, uneasy feelings of being unfulfilled, which inevitably erodes their spirit with unrecognized resentment.  By ignoring Nature and the universe, and focusing exclusively upon itself, these faith systems have become systems in which one must will themselves to believe rather than feel one’s unity with it all.  Intricately structured faith systems such as Judaism, Christianity and Islam are not faiths that can be assessed as arising from natural expressions of consciousness.  They are, unfortunately, faith systems that encourage a denial of compassion for all things and beings that coexist with them in spite of their faith system’s self-set boundaries.  The reason behind their negative approach to Creation’s wealth of diversity is that allowing oneself to be open to feel compassion for all life is curtly dismissed by male-dominated faith systems as a feminine aspect and is therefore unworthy to be cultivated.  In other words, such faith systems are formulated to gratify their egos through carefully crafted hypocrisy.

It is unlikely that each individual’s higher potential was fashioned by a Creator to simply act as some separate organ of some religious social structure.  Dedicating oneself to what is only a man-conceived faith system reduces followers to little more than hive workers and breeders who, through indoctrination processing and mental conditioning, would find emotional survival virtually impossible if separated from the body of their faith system.  Followers of such systems are made blind to the beautiful transcendent unity that is made possible in the acceptance of all diverse people.  The binding element in that acceptance is the yearning of human spirit for enlightenment, and that is not achieved through some self-imposed alienation from everything else.

Despite mankind’s struggles with such bouts of self-inflicted delusions, the heavens still bear witness to the flow of Creation.  We need only to remove the blinders that have been placed over our eyes by those who make a habit of taking advantage of our blindness.  Lured away from adoring the unity of all things, which is openly expressed and demonstrated in the universe, we have been “guided” to seek spiritual enlightenment by huddling together in echoing “sanctified” enclosures.  There, the devout are given role models of heroes and saints and saviors and kings who would never have accepted being herded into such self-demeaning behavior as self-dedicated faith systems teach.

But the universe continues to fuse it all together by patiently extending allowance for wide-ranging diversity.  If mankind wishes to pretend that it is the sum-total of universal wisdom, the universe can afford to be patient.  Meanwhile the interaction of Earth and the Sun annually extends and reaffirms the covenant to all life, and that power is not restricted by time or mankind’s self-imposed limited beliefs.  As another New Year unfolds, that covenant is renewed.

May your light increase.