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Diversity = Salvation

Posted in Atheist, freethought, religion with tags , , , on April 2, 2009 by chouck017894

The world today is troubled by societies and cultures that are influenced not by a passion for Truth but by man-conceived religious practices that attempt to herd everyone into servitude through indoctrinization, strict rites and rituals, and rigid regimentation. The hallmarks of such religious posturing are seen in the heavy indulgence in fault-finding, finger-pointing, name-calling, and passing judgment upon anyone unlike themselves. Thus everyone lives with a sense of intimidation and all are discouraged from celebrating their personal unique perspective of life.

Along with this contrived approach to spirit, these regimented and theatrical faith systems exhibit a shocking ignorance of our place and purpose in the universe, which has in turn encouraged a shameful disregard for nature, and by extension disregard for the welfare of our little planet.  Instead what is claimed is that man has “dominion” over nature.

There has been displayed, in fact, a deep contempt for nature in highly organized religions, and they continue to insist that there can be no deviation from their narrow man-conceived ideologies. These faith systems fail to acknowledge the respect that the universe holds for diversity. Earth, the very planet that these institutionalized religions seek to constrain with their prejudices is itself the glowing example that disproves the hard-line notions used to manipulate people.

Consider: In the solar system family lineup, Earth is the unique one, the deviant one, the self-expressed rebel, and the sole refuge of intelligent life.

The real salvation of life–as we know it at least–is the one planet that is quite unlike all the rest of the planets in the solar system. This fact is glaringly at odds with the doctrines, dogmas, discriminations and principles of organized hard-line religions that attempt to bludgeon everyone into cookie cutter sameness. What this attests to is that the intention and the necessity within creation is for diverse ways and life expressions so that life may develop with higher potential. In short, diversity and variation of life expression should be recognized as the second law of Creation (the first being unlimited abundance)— for any “salvation” of genuine spiritual value rests solely in the freedom to express personal uniqueness without shame.