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Heavens Government

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Man’s social and governmental structure which grants and inspires the rights of individualism and personal expression is what is called democracy.  This all-inclusive form of human government is probably the closest that man comes to emulating the original cause of all things in Creation and which grants the privilege of plurality and wide-ranging diversity throughout the universe.  The opposite of that easygoing allowance within Creation activity is glaringly demonstrated in human conduct in the numb obsession of hardline faith systems that are referred to as fundamentalism.  In politics that same characteristic quirk is called “conservatism.”  When these two interbreed, as happened at the 1996 Republican convention in the USA, a true breed of predatory monster is spawned.

Fundamentalism or radicalism is probably best evaluated as a paralysis of spiritual insight that results from an unwavering belief in a set of man-conceived principles of religious, political or philosophical nature which are made compulsory as the basic and unalterable game plan for storming heaven. With no wiggle room left for inquiry regarding all the enormous possibilities which “god” left open to man, any social or spiritual advancement then becomes virtually unachievable.

The power responsible for Creation’s development is a purely democratic process and is sustained and maintained through the collaboration of all individual components for the preservation of all.  In short, all things exist as part of an unrestricted principle just as the pre-Christian Stoic philosophers taught.  In that perception regarding the essential interaction of all components which define Creation, all things great and small therefore stand equal before Cosmic Consciousness.  That basic law of equal status, which is active throughout Creation, is best expressed in the democratic forms of man’s governments.  Plurality and interacting diversity is seen throughout all Creation and is the indisputable evidence that democratic principles prevail within the soul of Heaven.  In direct opposition to this, the hardline religionists and obstructive politicos imagine a heaven and social order that is structured either as a one-dimensional kingdom or a monotonous theocracy.

True democratic management, which is active as the creative power throughout the observable universe, is not concerned with the possessions or power plays that individual entities obsess over.  From the democratic arrangement which is active in the universe, freedom of expression and interactivity serve as the framework for Creation.  Indeed all things must respect and support each other, otherwise the universe would cease to exist.  The minority is always preserved and respected as an inherent element within the activities of the whole.  This is a fact of universal continuance that the GOP and the Tea Party in the USA today should consider if they are going to pretend such devotion to God.

Democracy is modeled on that respect and liberty which is extended throughout the universe, and in that creative activity there is granted the assurance of personal freedom which entitles each citizen the liberty and responsibility of shaping their own identity.  Equality before the law is a basic principle within Creation, and it is the basic principle of democratic governing.  No individual or group can hold a monopoly on wisdom, virtue or importance before the powers of Creation.  That means that in man’s democratic governments the stripping away of laws for the benefit of special interests, as currently pursued by the political and religious right groups in the USA, is therefore not only contempt for established and proven laws but is willful indulgence in blasphemy as well.

An important part in pre-Christian times, such as prevailed in the city-states of classical Greece and Rome, the rule by the people was vitally important.  However, those ancient forms of democracy did not presume that all individuals necessarily held equal qualities.  It was understood that every entity is made definable by its limitations, but all the perceived differences were interlocked within the whole, and they balanced out in importance before the creative Source.

Stoic philosophy held that every matter object with which we interact is a passive condition of energy and is distinguishable from the animating or active principle—which traditional man-centered faith systems personify as “God.”  Stoic ethics cannot be described as a metaphysical theory, although it regarded the creative energy spark from which each individual living thing attained manifestation is the defining feature of each living being’s individuality.  Man’s faith systems have referred to this defining feature as “soul.”

The four cardinal virtues of Stoicism reflect the philosophy that had been put forth by the Greek philosophers Plato and Socrates: wisdom, courage, justice and temperance.  Stoicism, which existed long before Christianity, recognized and advocated the brotherhood of all mankind.  And in this understanding any differences in rank and wealth were regarded as merely external and temporary, and so each person should strive to help one another.  The natural equality of all human beings within Creation was stressed, and this reflects the democratic character by which man should live and prosper.  This certainly is not the principle held dear to the radical right religionists and/or politicians who seek to dominate in man’s affairs today.

Stoic philosophy as honored in pre-Christian times had understood that man is but a small part of a divine principle.  The Jewish and Christian faith systems struggled with this understanding for a while, and it led them to emphasize the rights of the poor, the underprivileged, and the equality of all humans before God.

In recognizing the democratic structure and administration throughout Creation, and in recognizing that all life forms share identical properties, it becomes evident how far the radical right politicos and hardline religionists have strayed from the truth.

GOP = Greedy Outlaw Politicians

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A Demand for Accountability

With the help of the radical (self-serving) religious right, the radical (self-serving) political right managed in the year 2000 to pervert the democratic principles upon which the United States had become a world power.  It was a frightening demonstration of why church and state must always-and-ever be kept separate.  With George W. Bush as their front man installed as president through interference of a largely Republican appointed Supreme Court that did not listen to popular choice, a gang of outlaw political conspirators was jimmied into the seats of national command. 

The administration of government that was thus set in place thrust itself into activity that was much more than simple dedication to committing mafia-style crimes: it launched a war against democracy.  The radical religious right dreamed of imposing a theocracy: their political partners, however, schemed to bankrupt the nation and thereby open the means to seize permanent control of the nation’s wealth and power.

Immediately all surplus monies held for public benefit got reshuffled and miraculously disappeared into the coffers of the already obscenely rich.  The Justice Department was soon made a malformed instrument used for voter suppression, and legal balance was perverted by the dismissal of the U.S. attorneys that sought to investigate the administration’s illegal transgressions.

War with Iraq had already been in discussion among the political plotters even before their grab for political power had been blessed through use of subterfuge.  Strangely convenient, terrorists decided in this period to drive airplanes into the World Trade Center in New York City and into the financial records department of the Pentagon.  Blamed for the murderous attacks was Osama bin Laden, then said to have been operating out of Afghanistan.  But the “official” propaganda that was dispersed in bulk upon the U.S. citizens was that Iraq had been the base that had harbored the instigators of the attacks.

An illegal and disastrous war was launched through falsely representing to the U.S. Congress and to the stunned American public a wholly perverted tangle of “intelligence reports” on Iraq’s alleged relationship with the terrorists.  A department of Homeland Security was contrived through which was set in place the most dangerous attack upon citizen freedoms ever imposed on U.S. citizens.  With the illegal war, wartime contracts to substandard vendors with inside connections were issued, and the people’s legal representatives were suddenly defunded, which made it virtually impossible to police those activities.  There was some justifiable humor to the situation, however, for Security not only spied upon any political protesters, but upon church groups as well.

Probably the ultimate shame of all the Bush administration’s transgression against democratic principles was the denial of human dignity by authorizing the use of torture upon defenseless prisoners that were being held illegally under international laws and U.S. laws.  Never had any previous administration ever dared to act so thoroughly and openly lawless.  And through it all, the power honchos such as Dick Cheney declared himself to be above the law.  He is still pretending his lawlessness was noble and patriotic!

There is no precedent for prosecution of such betrayals of democracy by a president, vice president or senior officers—a fact that the instigators of these crimes hide behind.  But for democracy to allow such flagrant lawlessness to sit in high offices and simply allow them to walk away thumbing their noses at the nation they disgraced is to desecrate the memories of those who fought and died through the centuries to preserve a “land of freedom and justice.”

The breadth, scope, enormity and audacity of the Bush administration’s activities must be placed upon the scales of genuine justice.  The United States of America must again reinstate the principles of freedom, justice and opportunity for all mankind that once inspired admiration and respect from the world.

Radical Right’s Nazi Agenda in USA

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Today, August 2009, we see much of the Nazi party’s tactics at work in the United States, and it is not in the Democratic Party’s attempt to bring actual health care benefits to all citizens.  In a truly democratic culture there is freely allowed a civil exchange of ideas on the means of establishing public policies–in this case the need for blanket health care protection for all citizens.  The radical right politicians and radical right religionists, urged on and financed by corporate multibillion bankrolls, are deliberately misleading and manipulating thousands of not-too-bright party-liners in a scenario that has startling similarities to Germany in 1931.

The rise in the 1930s of Adolph Hitler and the Nazi Party in Germany, as surprising as it may sound, hinged upon the people’s need for spiritual identity that had been brutally savaged by the victorious Christian-dominated nations acting through the League of Nations.  The emotional climate in Germany in that time is given little space in most historical accounts, with historians preferring to dwell on the lurid aspects that crept into society and took root–having been heavily fertilized with lies and deceits to advance sick politics.  Broadly ignored for the most part is the religious undercurrent that fed and shaped the early Nazi movement.

Like all religions, the Nazi code of belief that developed gained support and grew because it at first fondled and gratified the egos of the anguished people.  Bankruptcy of the German Danabank in 1931 resulted in the closure of all German banks—a circumstance that seems to have been the objective of the radical right politicos in the US, and suggests a possible attempt to destabilize the US economy through decades of chipping away at price controls and similar even-playing field regulations.  In Germany back in those critical times the German millionaire Hugenberg actively supported the 800,000 strong Nazi Party, and other wealthy men such as Kirdorf, Thyssen and Schroder quickly followed Hugenberg’s lead: it was all seen to be to their financial benefit.  As in Germany, multibillionaire US corporations and individuals today have actively financed the radical right religionists in the US with the intent of taking control of government by using these factions as a front.  The wealth has not been extended to believers due to any true religious convictions.

The  means of the 1930s National Socialists German Worker’s Party power grab—Nazis—was the instigation of systematic disturbances and encroachment of public discussion—domestic terrorism—just as we are seeing played out today at what are supposed to be public discussions on health care issues, but which are totally nullified by misinformed mob mentality.  As in 1930s Germany, lies are being freely indulged in by those seeking to capsize democratic rule.  The radical right now use Hitler tactics while accusing others of their own disgraceful conduct.  They refuse to pay attention to facts, but choose to listen to propaganda machines being financed by the ones who will truly benefit materially from defeat of a national health care system.  Like Hitler, the corporations and men behind the smear campaign against the health care proposal speak with forked tongues.

The radical  right  politicos and the radical right religionists in the US have apparently taken inspiration from Hitler tactics.  As an example, on April 26, 1933 Hitler said in a speech during negotiations that led into the Nazi-Vatican Concordant of 1933: “Secular schools can never be tolerated because such schools have no religious instruction, and a general moral instruction without a religious foundation is built on air; consequently, all character training and religion must be derived from faith…we need believing people.”

Haven’t we in the United States been hearing a variation of this same song being brayed loudly from the radical religious right for at least three decades?

It should be remembered though that as a boy Hitler had been indoctrinated under Catholic guidelines, but his early life had been a dismal failure.  As a result he felt that society and god had failed to answer his needs and he then gravitated to the occult.  Hitler understood the hypocrisy that always infects religious posturing, thus through the 30s, and even during the war, there was an active conspiracy between Hitler’s government and a vast array of European Christian churches.  Thus inspired, the radical right in the US today employ the techniques that brought the Nazi regime to Germany.  Perhaps the radical political right and the radical religious right that conspire to control the people of the US should check how history tends to deal with such fanaticism.  On August 19, 1934 the destruction of Germany was guaranteed—as well as the needless suffering for the rest of the world—with Adolph Hitler’s propaganda taken as truth.