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Customized Faith Systems

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The concept of a humanlike Creator-God that was envisioned by aspiring men in antiquity is far removed in time and conditions from the insight of universal principles that science has unlocked and revealed to us today.  Long gone, for example, is the priestly sanctimoniousness and rabbinical tyranny that kept the Jewish faithful “pure” behind a cult-policy of isolation.  And long departed is the anxiety-ridden challenge that oozed out of empirical Rome, and which was subsequently injected into the medieval monastic communities.  Later there arose the vicious certainty of Islam that slashed its way across Arabia and then hacked its way through such territories as Spain to convulse into a regime of continuous indulgence in regimented participation in public pretense of spirituality.

The failure of these three western organized faith systems that remain so intent upon spiritual enslavement was insured by their habit of twisting and distorting the same myths that each of them shared and used as the foundation for their faith system.  Each of them claims “divine” approval for their posturing by pointing to a lineage that supposedly issued through improvable ancestors featured in Genesis– (book of beginnings)–especially the character named Abram/Abraham (or Ibrim).  The claims of godly favoritism that each pretends to possess are traceable to Sumerian/Babylonian texts which speak of a seaport city called Ur.  Not so coincidently, therefore, this is said to be the city from which Abram, not the evolved Abraham, allegedly went forth into physical life.  (For more on Abram/Abraham see Concealed Background of Scriptures, January 2011.)

For nearly three millennia the port city name of Ur has been passed over lightly in holy myths, but the name bore considerable information to our Bronze Age ancestors.  Wherever the letters ur were prominent in ancient words or names it referred to some aspect of the phenomenon of light.  The ancient Sumerian word Ur translates in meaning as either “light” or “fire.

It is pertinent to the Genesis story of Abram that the city of Ur was widely understood to be situated at the edge of the sea, and the element of water has alway been representative of the boundless energies of Creation.  Thus in Genesis (the book of beginnings), depiction of Abram’s origin occurring at Ur indicates matter-life originating at the shore of Creation.  Our distant ancestors understood that Ur represented the light which accompanies and heralds the activity of Creation.  Accordingly, in the more ancient understanding of the Sumerian/Babylonian people, Ur and the sea emulated the creative powers out of which all matter and life is made manifest.

Unfortunately, what later emerged in the Yahweh priests’ “history” interpretation in the 8th century BCE, and from which Judaism arose, was a faith system that turned its back on teaching any awareness of the close interrelationship that mankind has to all the rest of the cosmos.  In its place the Yahweh priests imposed a kind of political posturing which became measured in 613 “laws”, which severely restricts a follower’s comprehension of the interrelationship of all life.  This only encouraged a false sense of spiritual superiority which fostered hatreds that resulted in antagonism toward any differences in offering respect to the Source.  And this set the course for the murderous rivalry that disgraces true spirit in these faith systems today.

The introduction much later of the movement in the Roman Empire that became Christianity arose as an attempt in Rome to serve as a literary counter measure which, it was hoped, would check the arrogance and disruptions that the Yahweh priests’ scriptural “history” inspired the populace to practice as a spiritual value. The Judaic system of belief that insisted that the Creative power, which they called Yahweh, favored them above all else in Creation brought the believers into constant conflicts with governing powers wherever Judaism became entrenched.

As a consequence, what these two organized faith systems gradually came to emphasize was not humankind’s relationship to everything that is made manifest within the cosmos, but emphasized instead the egocentric claim of the alleged heaven-blessed reliability of their particular man-conceived methodical faith system.  Lost in their devotion and performances was any recognition of the human dependency upon the surrounding forces of the universe and nature: these were, and continue to be, discounted as secondary effects which god supposedly expected to be brought under man’s “dominion,” as in Genesis 1:26-28.

In our modern world few persons would eagerly or even half-heartedly return to the primitive conditions and times out of which our so-called “sacred texts” were concocted and compiled.  But, implausibly, the religious practices, prejudices, traditions, self-centeredness, and judgments of the Intermediate Bronze Age are offered as inspiration for today’s moral and civil conduct!  While it is true that the more extreme barbaric features that were advocated in scriptural coaching—such as the stoning to death for any sexual acts not actively reproductive, or the indulgence in animal sacrifices to gain god’s attention—are now cautiously disregarded.  But the majority of heavy-handed prejudices and practices that are advocated throughout “holy word” are allowed to stand and are palmed off as spiritual wisdom!  (The ugliness of Leviticus, written by and for priests, is a prime example.)  Such outmoded “authority” contributes little or nothing toward man’s spiritual enlightenment or to his moral advancement.  The prejudices and eccentricity of these faith systems which are practiced in the name of some god have “blessed” the family of man with only intimidation, limitations, disrespect for the Creator’s intended life diversities, and turmoil.

The three spiritually restrictive faith systems of the western world were fashioned and promoted by cunning men for a singular purpose: to serve some material aim, not to provide spiritual enlightenment.  Clearly these faith systems do not grasp the universal truths that they claim to represent.  If each of them truly venerated that creative and sustaining power within which all diverse things are made manifest then they could not possibly be constantly at odds with each other to the point of lethal combat.  Every and any violent act that these hardline faith systems sponsor is an open testimony against any genuine spiritual credibility, for a truly qualified spirit can only be one that has attained inner peace.  The religious arrogance, rivalry and intolerance of these three western faith systems will never bring their followers the spiritual fulfillment they so desperately desire.

We Are One

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Beneath the surface differences that we think of as reality all life remains committed to interrelationship, and that is most remarkably shown in the ladder of life that we now know as DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid).  Bogus spirituality and human cultivated ignorance keep too many persons blind to the fact that the DNA of every living person is 99.9 percent the same.  It doesn’t matter if one is tall or short, fat or thin, white, black, yellow or red, male or female, genius or slow-witted, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist or atheist, hetero or homo, all persons are composed of the exact same DNA.  Genetically speaking, every human on Earth is eerily close to being your identical twin! 

The majority of problems that have arisen among the human family is easily traced back to the so-called “holy revealed wisdom” in selected writings that has misled seekers to concentrate on what are only superficial differences.  As a result the human species continues to fail in understanding that all things in Creation remain interrelated.  This self-induced failure of spirit to see the common relationship of all things only makes for an atmosphere of smug ignorance where the smallest diversities are pointed to as inferior or even “an abomination” in the sight of the power that created them!   In truth, the real abomination is to hoard such ignorance as spiritual truth, for such ignorance only teaches hatreds, and cultivated hatreds breed only violence, and we wind up with the world in a state of constant bloody conflict that we now have.

Knowledge of our close interrelationship with each other and other life forms was discovered barely over one hundred years ago, so we do have great piles of ignorance to flush away.  And of course, religious doctrines that were fashioned millennia ago to calm fears of the unknown and for ego gratification are intolerant of questions, investigation and exposure about how life-forms actually manifest.  None of the scriptural heroes ever mentioned that every cell nucleus in the human body contains the genetic master code for the entire physical body, for example.  And it was only in occasional flashes of intuition that a hint of the interrelatedness of all life might bob up in an obsure verse or two in scripture.  But the great diversity of all the observable life forms just did not seem to support such strange suggestions.

The propaganda that spiritual understanding was saved when it turned to monotheistic comprehension attempts to suggest that it became intellectually understood that all things are made manifest out one source and are therefore interrelated.  That is not how the lumbering monotheistic religions conduct themselves, however.  In many ways the Pagan attitude that all things held its own divine essence and that their influence radiated about them brought intimacy to Creation.  That recognition was actually more respectful of the source-power that had brought them into manifestation than is the practice of shortsightedly focusing on the minor physical differences seemingly decreed by an impassive creative being.