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Party-Line Terrorists in USA

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Back in the 1920s, with the aid of paid-off police and disgruntled high-ranking officers of the Reichswehr (German army), the German army was drawn upon by the National Socialist German Workers Party (Nazi) to organize the Sturmabteilungen (SA, “storm troop”) to defend its meetings and to actively disrupt the  meetings of liberal democrats, Socialists, Communists and trade unions.

Today we are seeing similar disruptive tactics being undertaken in the USA now that the Republican Party has become but a shadow of its former self.  In the Nazi Party activity—under Hitler as “unlimited chairman—in the early 1920s much of the party’s propaganda concentrated on denunciations of the “menace” of so-called Bolshevism.  In the USA today the corporate interests, the “unlimited chairmen” in this reenactment who have grown super-wealthy by gouging the public, are actively financing and manipulating the party-liners with poisonous deceits and distractions.  Like the Nazi tactics, the adherents to the radical political right in the US today are being herded into contempt for democratic principles and are being agitated in defense of special interests’ prosperity—not for genuine health care coverage.

Following the onset of the world economic depression in 1929, unemployment increased, foreign trade declined, and agricultural prices dropped—and these events inspired a desire for revolutionary policies.  Large sums of  money were then pumped into the Nazi Party by German millionaire capitalists, just as today corporate bigwigs in the US are pumping multimillions into the propaganda against enactment of a national health care system for all citizens.

As Nazism gained power in Germany, pretexts were concocted to cover violent actions taken against political parties that might stand in the way of Nazi ambitions.  In February 1933 the building that housed the German national Parliament was destroyed by a suspicious fire of incendiary origin—a lucky break for the Nazis.  The Nazis, of course, blamed the Communists, and with brutal violence moved to suppress all Communist principals.  Next to be violently suppressed was the Social Democratic Party.  With these two political factions crushed, all other parties were subsequently outlawed, with the Nazi Party elevated as the only “legal” party, and any attempt to form a new party was declared to be a crime.

Crucial in Nazi ideology was the concept that for the realization of Nazi aims and the creation of “Greater Germany,” the use of intensive propaganda and military force were deemed indispensable instruments of party policy.  (We saw the attempts to wedge the same type policies into US government through the troubling years 2000-2008.)  Very quickly the working class and liberal democratic opposition in Germany found their constitutional and civil rights abolished, and in 1933 the Geheime Staatspolizei (Secret Police), known as the Gestapo, was created to suppress any opposition to the Nazi regime.  The Gestapo was declared not subject to legal restraints and responsible only to Hitler and Heinrich Himmler.

The disruption of Town Hall Discussions by brainwashed, misinformed party-liners on the proposed health care policies in the US will only contribute to a continuation of high-cost medical expenses for all citizens.  Similar as in the Nazi regime game plan, the only real winners in defeating national health care policy for US citizens will be the elite corporate dealers, their industries, and the financial tricksters.  Health care in the United States should not be allowed to remain centralized in corporations that do not hold any true respect or compassion for the quality of human life.

So when you see Town Hall Discussion meetings on health care being disturbed and trashed, ask yourself–Who are the ones that are really imitating Hitler-Nazi anti-democratic conduct.

When Fascists Rescued the Vatican

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The papal system of  faith marketing has had a curiously long run as ruler of kings and kingdoms.  And from centuries of propaganda and ceaseless self-marketing the world is encouraged to think of the Vatican as the heart and soul of Christianity, and think of Italy as obediently submissive to any eccentricity that waifs through its doors.  But true history has recorded many flaws and deceits in the  corporate structure of the Vatican’s spiritual politicizing.  One of the many bizarre twists in the long Vatican epic began in 1870 when the Kingdom of Italy removed Roman Catholicism as state religion.

We must remember that for centuries the  papal system had reigned as the biggest landowner of the Italian peninsula with claims extending well into Europe.  Much of the land acquisition had begun in 752 with the clever forgery by Pope Stephens III of an alleged letter bearing “saint Peter’s” name.  The counterfeit letter had been fashioned to lure the superstitious Pepin, king  of the Franks, into driving the Lombards out of Italy. To quote from Time Frames and Taboo Data, “Trusting the  pope and the authenticity of Peter’s letter, Pepin was lured into giving the pope exarchate (jurisdiction) of Ravenna–the real foundation of temporal power for the papacy.  Flushed with success at his deception of Pepin, the pope then forged Acts of St. Sylvester whereby additional claims on Italy were made.”

Some twenty years later Pope Adrian I called upon Pepin’s son Charlemagne for protection when the Lombard king, Desiderius, attacked papal territory.  Charlemagne defeated Desiderius and in holy gratitude Pope Adrian presented Charlemagne with a document spoken of as “the Document of Constantine“–which Adrian had forged.  The paper was essentially a deed in which the first Christian emperor allegedly gave  most of Italy to the papacy.  Charlemagne, like his father before him, fell for the scheme, and Adrian’s handling of the shady deal made him a major actor in the Vatican’s great land grabs, for which he is honored as one of the “great” popes. 

Over the centuries the Vatican endured many ups and downs, all the while growing holier in its suffering.  But in 1848 the then-pope, Pius IX, had to flee Rome due to  public uprisings, and he took up exile in the Castle of Gaeta in the Kingdom of Two Sicilies.  But he was able to return to the Vatican two years later in April of 1850, although French troops remained in Rome until 1870 to maintain the status quo throughout Italy.

But then on September 10th 1870, with the French troops gone, Italy declared war on the Papal States, and on the 11th the Italian army began its slow advance toward Rome, reaching the Aurelian Walls on the 19th and placed Rome under a state of siege.  In October the populace of Rome and the surrounding Campagna, a large area of mainly uncultivated plain surrounding Rome, voted for  a union with the kingdom of Italy.  The pope refused to accept the demand, and consequently became the victim  of his own political game for the people simply did not want him.  The Kingdom of Italy removed Roman Catholicism as state religion.

The savior of the Vatican  power structure appeared in 1929, however, in the form of  Benito Mussolini (who had been baptized by a Catholic priest only two years before, 1927).  Then Hitler made his own peace deal with the Vatican in 1933, and Roman Catholicism was back again as state religion.  This is not so strange, for the Fascists and the pope had many common interests, ambitions and lust for worldly power.  The Fascists looked to be unstoppable in the 1930s, and should their  political and military power have gained world control the reward for the pope would be to preside as the religious head of the world. 

Alas for the poor popes, their claims of papal infallibility didn’t stand the test.