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The Backside of God

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In the magic show atmosphere that prevails in most biblical accounts, that which is imaginatively disguised is often some creative principle of life manifestation.  In the book of Exodus, for example, there is presented a curious conversation between Moses and God in which God tells Moses, “…Thou canst not see my face…” but “…thou shalt see my back parts…”  (Exodus 33:20-23).  We may, perhaps, safely assume that God did not moon Moses, but that the priest-authors of this myth used sacred language to relay ancient scientific knowledge that was not comprehensible to the ordinary masses.  The mythical Moses could never witness God’s front parts for the simple reason that Moses is a personification of primal energy development up to the pass over point where energy activates as matter manifestation.  Moses represents primal energy movement after its inaugurate phase.  It then passes through the first  four developmental stages (disguised as 40 years), which sacred language always refers to as the “wilderness.”  In more ancient teachings this pre-matter energy activity was referred to as involution—where primal energies involve.  The face or front parts of God alluded to in the tale are the energy developments after primal energies have involved sufficiently to initiate manifestation (or pass over) as a dense matter event.  This resultant evolutionary side (or front side) of God (the Life Principle) is not observable in the process of involution.  The secret in this presentation is that Moses himself represent the backside of God!

What this peculiar Exodus scene attests to is that advanced knowledge had once been taught in distant antiquity in regard to how primal energies interact in the Creation process and how energy becomes matter.  But due to worldwide catastrophic events, that knowledge had survived among only a few.  Attempts to provide insight into the process of matter manifestation was a serious commitment for early teachers, but over time that knowledge became submerged in myths in an anxious attempt to make it at least somewhat comprehensible to the unschooled.  Unfortunately, the greater scientific  implications became lost even to those who would follow and teach from the adaptation.  And the biblical version of “history” evolved from that means of interpretation.

The story elements of Exodus, however, show that the character of Moses was intended to represent symbolically (personify) the energy-action of what may be termed the Life Principle within the dimensions of involution up to the transformation of pre-physical energies into structures of physical matter.  This is also the reason why Moses had to die just when he reached the point where he was in sight of the “Promised Land.”  Being representative of the elemental energy conditions in the Creation process, Moses could not proceed further than the edge of the energy plane where primal energies coalesce and become dense matter forms.

Another clue  to the hidden meaning in the Moses myth is in regard to the Mount upon which Moses  is alleged to have played out his final scene.  The name of the Mount is taken directly from the Babylonian god Nebo who was revered as the god who “announces the fate of humankind,” and “the upholder of the world,” and “the opener of the ears of understanding.”  As the prophet-god of the Babylonians, Nebo was presented as beholder of that which was destined to be, which is imitated with Moses beholding the Promised Land.

One more curiosity:  The name Moses carries the numerical value of 345, and the numerical value of Jehovah is 543.  This slyly confirms, as noted here earlier, that Moses himself represents the backside of God.

The Theory of God

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For many millennia apprehensive seekers have theorized the existence of God as an intellectual being and credited him with the creation of everything.  From the most primitive of times it has been routine for the god-theorists to exploit that hypothesis as the certification of their executive status.  In that capacity the self-blessed executives exercised religious/political authority over the docile, less imaginative multitude.  However, as humankind has evolved through the last couple of centuries with the technological ability to uncover the basic principles at work as Creation, there still has been no confirmation of an omniscient being having initiated it all.  It should not be considered disrespectful for humankind to use its evolved intellect to seek a definitive testimonial as to the theorized existence of a Supreme Being who is claimed to play the central role in the creation and operation of the universe, and in the continuance of human lives.  A theory, no matter how ego-gratifying, is something that lacks verification. 

Consider: a theory is the systematic organization of things observed and which seem applicable in a relatively wide variety of circumstances; especially a system of assumptions regarding principles and rules of procedure that have been devised to analyze, predict or otherwise explain the nature or behavior of a given set of phenomenon.  A hypothesis is an assertion that is subject to verification or proof; a proposition accepted as a basis of reasoning; a premise from which a conclusion is drawn; a conjecture that accounts for a set of beliefs that are yet to be undisputedly proven.

Through many millennia the more reality-based seekers have studied the heavens (astronomy), the physical attributes of animate creatures (biology), the soil levels of Earth (geology), and even the interaction between energy and matter (physics) seeking evidence, regardless how meager, that a Creator-being exists.  Not only have these labors failed to find clues that might support such a theory, but their attention to details has openly confirmed that the energy manifestation which is spoken of as Creation was not a process that occurred by some predetermined design.  Indeed, their research demonstrates that the universe and everything in it trundles along as a self-amassed energy involvement. 

Genuine wisdom suggests that humanity would be much more morally advanced by embracing rationality rather than ego-gratifying pretense of exclusiveness with some unproven supernatural being that is at the heart of religious posturing.  Near-divine potential could be accomplished throughout the human adventure by simply recognizing that tolerance extended to the extensive diversity of energy manifestations would diminish the bulk of mankind’s painful conflicts.  The secret for experiencing such a secular heavenly state is to simply abandon the religion-taught habit of searching for personal meaning an a faraway external supernatural entity and direct attention properly to finding your internal connection with the universe.

Poles (not so far) Apart

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Throughout the western world’s religious understanding of “spiritual principles” there is customarily an awkward insistence that godly reward is to be achieved from eliminating one half of Creation’s balancing system. 

For example, the common religious assertion in western religions is that light can be achieved only by eliminating darkness.  In this type of religious “guidance” everything is then placed in an atmosphere of constant confrontation, stress and battle.  In western faith systems the stance is taken that choice must be taken: it is either God or Satan, good or evil, faithful or infidel, saved or lost, chosen or rejected, angelic or demonic, life or non-life, etc.  The only form of opposites that western religions grudgingly accept is the male/female dilemma–with woman accepted only by default!

The result of Judaic, Christian and Isamic faith systems’ insistence of trying to separate two ends of one Cause is that all seekers often find themselves struggling with gnawing feelings of resentment that arise from not understanding how anyone can possibly achieve such “purity.”  The holy fact is that nothing is definable without contrast, and the elimination of opposite (or  polar) interactions that is championed by these self-serving militant faith systems would result in the annihilation of everything–including them.  Let us not continue to be mesmerized by such irrationality.  We would do well to heed words of wisdom from a Zen teacher, Lao-Tzu, who noted something to the effect that inferior virtue cannot let go of the pretense of virtue.

All life forms, as points of self-aware consciousness, are not active in this plane of energy/matter to do battle against the principles of polarity that sustains every definable thing in Creation.  If there can be said to be any purpose in the experience of self-awareness in this dimension of energy-density, it is that advancement (evolution) is attained only by transcending the seeming battle of opposites.1  That type of  pretense lurks in any religious teaching that encourages belief that individualization takes place and performs with no relationship to the whole.

In a round-about way this brings us back to the male/female dilemma–and those annoying little factors of chromosomes.  As disturbing as it may be to common religious instruction, every life form carries within itself the hibernating factor of the opposite sex.  No man is ever one hundred percent male, and no woman is ever one hundred percent female: and the amount  of dominance of one over the other is never an inviolable law.  Each living thing, each human being is a temporary energy manifestation assumed by a self-aware unit of consciousness.  How each manifestation expresses itself is unique unto itself, and that is how Creation observes itself.

1) Polar establishment of defineable energy-substances is explained in depth in  The Celestial Scriptures: Keys to the Suppressed Wisdom of  the  Ancients.