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Divine Delusions

Posted in agnoticism, Atheist, belief, culture, faith, freethought, history, humanity, religion, Social, thoughts with tags , , , , , , on September 1, 2011 by chouck017894

Since the 1800s humankind has steadily gained considerably more knowledge regarding universal truths than man’s limited known history had previously recorded.  Natural phenomena that once terrorized our ancestors have been studied, their interrelationship observed and calculated, and working models based on those examinations have granted mankind a degree of forecast and control that our ancestors would have regarded as godlike.

For example, we know how hurricanes develop, how an eclipse takes place, why earthquakes occur, what the Moon and the planets are made of, how health can be threatened by bacteria and viruses, and a great wealth of similar secrets once regarded as holy mystery.  Inquisitive minds have stubbornly chosen to know, and in pursuit of knowing mankind has questioned and observed events around himself that were once attributed to a capricious god.  And those probing minds also discovered that the fear of God does not adequately serve as the beginning of creative wisdom, nor is that priest-stoked fear of the unknown a sound foundation upon which to build faith.  No longer must mankind endure the bogus authority of holy pretenders who profess explanation of natural energy interactions as being consequences of divine miracles or godly wrath which only they have been blessed with the power to interpret.

Imagining that some supernatural being is responsible for conjuring up all the actions that pummel human life has never provided the means to work with or around those natural energy actions in which we experience our relationship with the universe.  Listening to the superstitions of shamans, priests and the like has resulted only in inestimable years in which billions of persons have wept over trillions of unanswered prayers.  For all the scriptures of man’s invention, not one has ever provided mankind with a definite and clear-cut grasp of how to achieve the attributes necessary for ascension into that quality of being that is alluded to as holy wisdom—that rapture of enlightenment.  All that those hallowed texts have offered have been moral teachings, which most certainly are vital to human societies but which are actually woven upon common sense guides for sane social conduct.  There is no need for a supernatural being to tell us—through some self-appointed interpreter—not to kill, steal, rape, lie, defraud and such: that is obviously detrimental conduct if one truly aspires to achieve peaceful and creative life experiences.  Acting contrary to those common sense guidelines is demonstratively self-destructive.

The indoctrination programming of the world’s regimented faith systems have generated the bulk of blind evil that has dogged man’s history.  Belief that some supernatural being favors some particular group of people above all others, which is nothing more than mutual masturbation of ego, has fueled unending wars and inhumane conduct within a species that has more in common with each other than the imagined great abyss of differences elaborated upon by pulpit hucksters.  That these faiths all boil down to nothing more than manipulation of ego is provable in how social issues are perceived, manipulated and altered in the constant religious contests for material power.  Issues such as slavery, torture, abortion, contraceptives, sexual orientation, derogation of women, etc., etc. are not heavenly matters; they are taught human disparages used to manipulate human passions.  Only a spirit that is truly at peace with the natural diversity and plurality—which is clearly active throughout the universe—can step away from these self-serving discriminatory teachings and practices to truly approach divine wisdom.

Isn’t it time for humankind to face the fact that man’s invented faith systems are inherently dysfunctional?  When rationality is impaired by clerics who constantly belittle each other”faiths,” and their persistent indulgence in a proposition that our true identity is to be attained in a future state somewhere beyond this life span, that self-serving propaganda is not legitimate worship of Creation’s wisdom.  That is simply a means of inducing ego gratification through resorting to obsolete mythology of prejudicial and judgmental sky gods.

The creative power which is assessed as “divine” has never and will never strip itself away from the here-and-now; that power is not detached and resides somewhere “out there.”  Cause can never be removed from effect.  Take a cue from Pantheist understanding; that power continues to reside in us and in everything around us.