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Equal Before Creation

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The devout followers of any man-invented faith system are too often arrogantly self-possessed—so sure that they alone possess the only communication link to some aloof and prejudiced Creator-God. This assessment has been triggered by a passing conversation in which such a faith system devotee declared, “If you’re an atheist then you certainly can’t pray.” Sadly, such a declaration as to who can link with Creation’s power indicates that what these man-invented faith systems peddle as exclusive privilege is not “holy” truth.

No man-contrived faith system can honestly claim to have a monopoly on the connective liberty that each person has to align with cosmic conscience–that personal approach which is commonly spoken of as prayer. This erroneous concept that there is only one select collection of people who can “pray” with some exclusive access to higher power stems from the mistake of personifying the energy Source of Creation as a humanlike being. The awesome energy of Creation is demonstratively not a discriminatory power; this is openly declared and expressed in the variety and diversity which is active throughout the functioning, living universe around us.

As noted in the limited edition book of The Celestial Scriptures (page 434): “Properly understood, prayer is the adjustment of our aware consciousness in which there is opened a sense of personal relationship with universal forces. In most cases this requires only the quieting of rapid-fire thought; a not so easy endeavor in a world that has become so intent upon a fast paced pursuit of material things.”

Scientific research has recognized that there exists seven levels of consciousness. This discovery is something of a startling echo of prehistory teaching of Creation processes, for it was taught that energy involves through seven dimensions of development to manifest as matter. These developmental planes were referred to in ancient lessons as involution. This Creation principle is even a mathematical concept expressed as “…the multiplying of a quantity by itself for a specified number of times, thus raising it to a specific power.” So even scientific research and mathematical theory provide strong evidence that the aware consciousness of every individual has the divine right to draw upon the unlimited power of Infinite Presence to define themselves. Attempting to bring the seven levels of consciousness into accord with that creative energy is what corporate styled faith systems commonly refer to as prayer. In understanding the energy process of Creation it is proven that prayer is not exclusive to some specific group: Everyone, at whatever level, has the “divine” right of access. Aligning the seven levels of consciousness active within us as a harmonic energy field then follows the same Creation sequence of application to produce the sought after energy configuration. This is the “law of amassing” (Creation) through harmony–or the responsible coexistence–which is the generating factor and which provides the “answers.”

Admittedly this is not exactly easy, primarily because our self-aware consciousness is temporarily anchored in a transitory energy-matter form. The main necessity of aligning the seven levels of consciousness as a harmonic field is dependent upon not seeking to exercise rigid command over them. That is tricky. For example, any hint of negative intent, such as greed, anger, envy, revenge, lust, etc., which colors attempted alignment with Creation’s power will automatically distort the outcome. In other words, any attempted alignment for the purpose of indulging personal ego can result only in short circuiting the connection into creative potentiality. This is a Creation principle, and it is not something that highly organized faith systems will or can offer to seekers for the simpe reason that these faith systems have themselves been built upon and maintained by imposing self-serving dogmatism upon seekers for the purpose of exercising worldly influence. So it is they, not especially the atheists, who do not understand the actual technicalities of “prayer,” for no one can pray effectively if the Patriarchal Priniciples of Creation are not recognized. It is not a monopoly product.

What man-invented faith systems religiously ignore is the scientifically proven reality that everything is surrounded with an energy field of force. BIological fields, for example, are actually detectable in the air that surrounds every living organism–from the largest creatures on this planet to the most infinitesimal cells. You and I and every animate and inanimate identity radiates an electrodynamic field about our physical forms which can be detected and measured with a voltmeter. This non-physical radiance is not usually perceptible to human sight, but it is measurable with special instruments. That subtle energy may possibly be the matrix or template or blueprint which defines all energy-as-matter forms. And these defining energy fields, each secure upon their matrix, can then freely interact in subtle and revitalizing exchange which we perceive as the momentum of time and space. Thus each of us is, allegorically speaking, much like a little mirror which reflects the vast power of the living universe back into itself. We humans are more complex than any other life forms known to us on Earth, and despite some shared energy building blocks which amalgamated as the energy which defines us, our matter-self remains presided over by consciousness of self in which the quality of conscience is ordained to evolve.

As beings with self-aware consciousness–which endows us with conscience, which is to say the reflection of our true self (the understanding of the interrelatedness of all things)–we thus stand somewhat midpoint between the most massive definable objects in Creation and the most infinitesimal. All this speaks of the continual interaction of countless and diverse forms of energy; indeed, a multidimensional configuration of energy may conceivably exist which continually and instantaneously spans the entirety of Creation. What this means is that which we perceive as time and space is only our temporary subjective awareness, so our physical perception is not necessarily a factual exercise of comprehension. Our conception of past or future, for example, may very well coexist within an eternal present. And because every definable energy entity draws upon that unlimited power of Infinite Presence to define itself, each holds the divine right of access to that indiscriminate power which faith systems like to call “prayer.”

It is only when one gets over claiming what happens to be a democratic right as a faith system’s exclusive possession that Creation’s power freely responds with whatever is needed.