Black Holes of Religious Practice

(Recent scientific breakthrough regarding gravitational waves and black hole connection has inspired the release of this 2007 unpublished posting.)

Black holes, theoretical physicists tell us, are massive deep throat light swallowing areas which are scattered throughout the universe.  The “holes,” the theory goes, are the result of cores of massive stars that have imploded and collapsed in upon themselves.  The immense gravity at the core of these space objects, the theory suggests, siphon into themselves all the existing energy-as-matter that happen to be unlucky enough to have cruised around the former massive star.  Strangely, that hole of collapsing energy and the vast gravitational field which results may present a relatively smooth, calm appearing picture to the region that we see surrounding it.  Indeed, any random fluctuations against the gravitational core may be barely registered from our perspective.  And it is this deceptive tranquil appearance that we dare to compare to man-invented faith systems.

Consider: In a very real sense human contrived faith systems can be said to imitate the same process that is theorized in astrophysics as black hole activity.  The core around which human consciousness is attracted may become ill-fatedly propelled as a knot of superstition which has collapsed in upon itself to often become active as the identity crushing whirl of religious fundamentalism.  The gravitational pull of these imploding belief cores upon human consciousness then becomes so relentless, so crushingly magnetic that the mass, spin and other essentials for life sustaining rationalism are obliterated.  Any random fluctuations of rationality that might survive in the fringe of spiritual relativity then become barely perceptible.  The “paradise” which is achieved either in or around these devastating holes is comparable to the compressed condition of spiritual emptiness at which fundamentalists of any man invented faith system excel.

The greatest error in all the man-made organized religions is the allegiance given by them to the interpretation of warring opposites.  Building spiritual  understanding by using that as its foundation guarantees only the life experiences of physical, emotional and spiritual non-fulfillment and senseless conflicts.  The reason for this is that by adoring only one aspect of Creation’s necessary polar activity issuing out of Source as “God” while condemning the other necessary polar aspect as evil is to practice spiritual schizophrenia. The whole imagined god/devil. heaven/hell, chosen/rejected, save/lost, etc. is rendered meaningless simply because neither creative pole can exist  without the other to project meaning.  All man’s by-the-book faith systems exploit the emotions of love/hate but fail to realize that these are not real opposites for these emotions arise from the same energy center but are projected differently much like light passing through a prism.  The only thing truly opposite to either a love/hate projection could only be indifference.  By personifying the creative polar fields within the creative Source as two outside beings as faith system practice habitually do, the practice that is mistakenly sanctified is the denial of One Cause.

Such a pattern of thought then actively asserts that a rivalry exists in the primordial conditions which are responsible for Creation, with one polar aspect personified as “God” and the other necessary aspect personified as the “devil” or “Satan.”  By this type of alleged “revealed” wisdom the human authors declared these necessary dual components of creative force were separate, incompatible and utterly divorced in creative purpose. By such counseling the man-invented faith systems then led the masses not into enlightenment but deeper into the illusion of Creation’s energies which we experience as matter–the very conditions which faith systems rail against.  When this was then accepted by human imagination as holy truth, these symbols then became adopted and adapted by those who instinctively distrusted the tyranny of man-invented faith systems, but they then used the symbols in Satanism, magic, witchcraft and similar rebellious rites.  In attempting to seek higher power by reversing religious rites and rituals (such as reciting the the Lord’s Prayer backwards, etc.) the only thing accomplished in practicing reversal of the rites was to give credence to the very tenets they claimed to disbelieve.

Man-made faith systems have, through their doctrines of either/or, lost sight of how Creation creates and carelessly muddied the purpose of life for the purpose that profited their corporate religion.  Their theological claims of monotheism rest precariously upon a necessity of dualism, however.  In these faith systems everything is portrayed and defined as good or evil, light or dark, saved or lost, angelic or devil like.  But Creation powers do not create anything as being exclusively this way or that way, but creates everything as a blend of all energy powers.  As contrary as this may seem, this makes for unity through contrast and contained instability, for there can be no light without dark, no up without down, no front without back, for example.  Each energy illusion is but an aspect of Creation’s unity. This means that the Source out of which all Creation expresses itself cannot be some good- only god that is rhapsodized in man-fashioned faith systems, for evil, darkness or negative events cannot have issued from a different Source.  Therefore, to pray to this amoral (meaning neither moral or immoral) primal seat of Creation as some deity-being who is the evolutionary pinnacle of wisdom is but a practice of frustration.

Oddly, these same faith systems tell us not to be deceived by material appearances, yet they are all busy gathering unto themselves as much material baggage and power advantages as possible.  Matter-form, they tell us, means nothing before their version of God, and yet females are to be considered by male dominated faith systems as not being worthy to represent the Creative power that is personified as God.  How do these men then account for the feminine aspects that lie submerged within their own physical being when everyone–indeed every animate species–carries within their physical being the hormones of the opposite sex?  No one can be 100% male, and no one can be 100% female.  And since this is a scientifically proven fact, why do they teach such things as the feigned horror of homoerotic attractions?

With man-contrived faith systems devoted to supernaturalism as guidance then human purpose has become accepted as being nothing more than economic man.  Such faith thus keeps mankind locked in a trap as some amoral creature with an obsession for/with material possessions.  In such a setup it is then easy to regard it as righteous for Earth to be mercilessly plundered and despoiled, for holy wisdom asserts that some distant god approves it all and that “he” or something exclusive to their faith will absolve humankind for its lack of responsibility.














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