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Black Holes of Religious Practice

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(Recent scientific breakthrough regarding gravitational waves and black hole connection has inspired the release of this 2007 unpublished posting.)

Black holes, theoretical physicists tell us, are massive deep throat light swallowing areas which are scattered throughout the universe.  The “holes,” the theory goes, are the result of cores of massive stars that have imploded and collapsed in upon themselves.  The immense gravity at the core of these space objects, the theory suggests, siphon into themselves all the existing energy-as-matter that happen to be unlucky enough to have cruised around the former massive star.  Strangely, that hole of collapsing energy and the vast gravitational field which results may present a relatively smooth, calm appearing picture to the region that we see surrounding it.  Indeed, any random fluctuations against the gravitational core may be barely registered from our perspective.  And it is this deceptive tranquil appearance that we dare to compare to man-invented faith systems.

Consider: In a very real sense human contrived faith systems can be said to imitate the same process that is theorized in astrophysics as black hole activity.  The core around which human consciousness is attracted may become ill-fatedly propelled as a knot of superstition which has collapsed in upon itself to often become active as the identity crushing whirl of religious fundamentalism.  The gravitational pull of these imploding belief cores upon human consciousness then becomes so relentless, so crushingly magnetic that the mass, spin and other essentials for life sustaining rationalism are obliterated.  Any random fluctuations of rationality that might survive in the fringe of spiritual relativity then become barely perceptible.  The “paradise” which is achieved either in or around these devastating holes is comparable to the compressed condition of spiritual emptiness at which fundamentalists of any man invented faith system excel.

The greatest error in all the man-made organized religions is the allegiance given by them to the interpretation of warring opposites.  Building spiritual  understanding by using that as its foundation guarantees only the life experiences of physical, emotional and spiritual non-fulfillment and senseless conflicts.  The reason for this is that by adoring only one aspect of Creation’s necessary polar activity issuing out of Source as “God” while condemning the other necessary polar aspect as evil is to practice spiritual schizophrenia. The whole imagined god/devil. heaven/hell, chosen/rejected, save/lost, etc. is rendered meaningless simply because neither creative pole can exist  without the other to project meaning.  All man’s by-the-book faith systems exploit the emotions of love/hate but fail to realize that these are not real opposites for these emotions arise from the same energy center but are projected differently much like light passing through a prism.  The only thing truly opposite to either a love/hate projection could only be indifference.  By personifying the creative polar fields within the creative Source as two outside beings as faith system practice habitually do, the practice that is mistakenly sanctified is the denial of One Cause.

Such a pattern of thought then actively asserts that a rivalry exists in the primordial conditions which are responsible for Creation, with one polar aspect personified as “God” and the other necessary aspect personified as the “devil” or “Satan.”  By this type of alleged “revealed” wisdom the human authors declared these necessary dual components of creative force were separate, incompatible and utterly divorced in creative purpose. By such counseling the man-invented faith systems then led the masses not into enlightenment but deeper into the illusion of Creation’s energies which we experience as matter–the very conditions which faith systems rail against.  When this was then accepted by human imagination as holy truth, these symbols then became adopted and adapted by those who instinctively distrusted the tyranny of man-invented faith systems, but they then used the symbols in Satanism, magic, witchcraft and similar rebellious rites.  In attempting to seek higher power by reversing religious rites and rituals (such as reciting the the Lord’s Prayer backwards, etc.) the only thing accomplished in practicing reversal of the rites was to give credence to the very tenets they claimed to disbelieve.

Man-made faith systems have, through their doctrines of either/or, lost sight of how Creation creates and carelessly muddied the purpose of life for the purpose that profited their corporate religion.  Their theological claims of monotheism rest precariously upon a necessity of dualism, however.  In these faith systems everything is portrayed and defined as good or evil, light or dark, saved or lost, angelic or devil like.  But Creation powers do not create anything as being exclusively this way or that way, but creates everything as a blend of all energy powers.  As contrary as this may seem, this makes for unity through contrast and contained instability, for there can be no light without dark, no up without down, no front without back, for example.  Each energy illusion is but an aspect of Creation’s unity. This means that the Source out of which all Creation expresses itself cannot be some good- only god that is rhapsodized in man-fashioned faith systems, for evil, darkness or negative events cannot have issued from a different Source.  Therefore, to pray to this amoral (meaning neither moral or immoral) primal seat of Creation as some deity-being who is the evolutionary pinnacle of wisdom is but a practice of frustration.

Oddly, these same faith systems tell us not to be deceived by material appearances, yet they are all busy gathering unto themselves as much material baggage and power advantages as possible.  Matter-form, they tell us, means nothing before their version of God, and yet females are to be considered by male dominated faith systems as not being worthy to represent the Creative power that is personified as God.  How do these men then account for the feminine aspects that lie submerged within their own physical being when everyone–indeed every animate species–carries within their physical being the hormones of the opposite sex?  No one can be 100% male, and no one can be 100% female.  And since this is a scientifically proven fact, why do they teach such things as the feigned horror of homoerotic attractions?

With man-contrived faith systems devoted to supernaturalism as guidance then human purpose has become accepted as being nothing more than economic man.  Such faith thus keeps mankind locked in a trap as some amoral creature with an obsession for/with material possessions.  In such a setup it is then easy to regard it as righteous for Earth to be mercilessly plundered and despoiled, for holy wisdom asserts that some distant god approves it all and that “he” or something exclusive to their faith will absolve humankind for its lack of responsibility.














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Biblical Characterizations

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How reliable are biblical texts?  Common sense whispers to spirit that because every “revealed” account was penned by human industry the potential for trip-ups may be obscured in the prose like landmines that could blow up the crafted stories.  A critical assessment of scriptural accounts can often reveal to the curious reader that few, if any, characters in accepted sacred texts actually represent any verifiable historical persons. After the Genesis characters have established the “chosen ones” plot line the scriptural tales seemingly venture into later alleged historical events where some sparse documentation might be possible.  Peculiarly, the only characters included with any evidence of having had verifiable existence are always presented in peripheral roles. It is in this manner that the suggestion of historic authenticity is offered.  This is a writing technique that has always been used in composing believable story-lines of fiction, and is still in use in the novels, stage plays, movie formats and television plays today.

The character of Abram/Abraham, for example, is the earliest personality provided in Genesis (11) who is presented as having had a vague correspondence within world history. However, even his homeland as sketched out in Genesis 12:1-5 was only vaguely alluded to with the mention of of Haran and Abram’s moving southeast …”unto the place of Sichem, unto the plain of Moreh.  And the Canaanite was then in the land.”  The implied movement is in the direction of the Chaldean port city of Ur.

We should not forget that the scriptural works so highly honored as holy narrative actually concerned only one very small segment of the world’s population in prehistory and those biographical drafts were not gathered into book form which could be referred to until Iron Age times, c. 9-8th centuries BCE.  That means that the bulk of literature which is revered as the Old Testament was not composed and promoted by priest authors until many, many centuries after the events they depicted.  Again, of the entire world’s population in the earlier timeframes as presented by the priest-written stories concern only one small group of people–their alleged ancestors.  When the scriptural tales seemingly venture into later alleged historical events where some sparse documentation might be possible the only characters with any evidence of having had verifiable existence are, as noted, always presented in peripheral roles.

Add to this that there is strong indication that the priest-authors also drew upon earlier teachings from several different cultures.  It is not coincidence that in Persia there were stories told of a deity named Ahriman; curiously, his original name was Abriman and the substituted letter H in the name for the B indicated the attainment of his pass over into a matter-defined personality.  Ahriman (with the H) was regarded to be a deity who ruled over the kingdom of darkness–in other words the void out of which Creation issues.  We should note as well that the Babylonians were familiar with a like character from their similar literature who was named Abarama.  And the authors of Genesis also knew of the eastern writings in which Brahma is given as the Creator of the universe and is first in a trinity which included Vishnu and Siva.*  The H (two vertical lines held together by a horizontal line) in the name indicated the involvement of polar principles necessary for advancing Creation.  Thus the letter H was also incorporated into Abram as Abraham to indicate when primal energy passed over and manifested into matter life. (*Siva is commonly presented as the principle of destruction: more correctly the transformation out of the illusion of energy as matter.)

Abraham, like all the Genesis characters such as Adam, Noah, Jacob, Isaac, etc., etc. are but personifications for the creative Life Principle as it passes over the various energy dimensions of development and which culminate in matter form where it is to be qualified.  Consider the various myths that surround Abram/Abraham which certainly could not apply if this character had been an actual mortal being.  Supposedly the name Abram means “exalted”  or “lifted up.”  Again this is sacred language being used to personify and portray scientific principles of Creation which were earlier taught in extreme antiquity which the authors of Genesis did not understand.  Abram (not yet Abraham) personifies earliest primal energy involvement which is to pass over from an energy prototype into definable form.  Those ancient scientific teachings upon which the story is based had become lost due to various planetary disturbances, and myths arose in an attempt to explain the invisible powers of Creation.  Thus among the many footnotes to holy accounts we are expected to believe that the angel Gabriel fed the infant Abram for ten days with milk from his little finger!  This conveniently dismissed the need for any scientific understanding of the primal energy dimensions that lead into development as energy-matter forms.  And another tale related that when Abram was born his face was so radiant that it lit up the entire cave in which he had been born.  The “cave” in all such myths and sacred stories always symbolized the void (Source) out of which all Creation issues, and is why so many saviors and heroes of ancient myths were claimed to have been born in caves.

This manner of characterizing the dimensions of primal energies as actual physical ancestors of an alleged “chosen” people is the technique used to give apparent legitimization to the books now known as the Old Testament.  Although misleading in its underpinnings the literary works do hold many self-evident truths.  So inspirational were these priest-crafted tales which seemed to legitimatize the ancestral claims due to written word that a whole belief culture arose that stubbornly stood defiant against many kingdoms and empires.  It was not coincidence therefore that it was during the timeframe of the Roman Empire that a Jewish character was chosen by Roman authors to be the superstar in collected narratives now know as the New Testament.  These crafted tales begin with Jesus’ birth being set in a manger, and for centuries mangers were then commonly located within caves.  And the sequence of his recorded miracles—from his first water into wine to his ultimate transfiguration —allegorize the involving energy dimensions of Creation into cosmic harmonization as once given in prehistory times with lessons illustrated with heaven’s constellations

Faith vs Reality

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Reality–the everyday problems which are experienced in this dimension of limited energy which we call life–is not being well served when believers are assured that Creation’s laws can be set aside if only you believe in a certain belief system manner. The universe would implode into nothingness if exceptions were allowed for a certain chosen or saved few to bypass Creation’s laws.  Scientific truth is being ignored when such egocentric beliefs are being marketed as ego stimulants, for the higher truth is that every identity within Creation stands accountable for itself.  The creative laws responsible for the universe cannot be sidestepped or patched over by man-invented rites and ritual or ceremony.  The Heaven and Paradise so fervently yearned for by faith system seekers can never be gained by practicing disrespect for the diversity and variety of other life forms or life styles which share this temporary passage through this limited energy field we speak of as matter.

Faith, the kind that does not rest on logic or open to acceptance of studies of powers invisible to us, is pretty much an inherited thing passed down from the parents and/or society, and it habitually lumbers under the mantle of some faith system which has evolved while its promoters have unethically pursued worldly ambitions.  Unfortunately their drive is to prove to the world that some man-contrived institutionalized faith system is the only way that a person can storm the Creator’s Heaven: That only signals that the bottom line for that promoted faith system rests entirely in this world, not in any higher realm.

Pretending that cosmic powers aid only some particular man-made faith system in extending control over this material world’s tribulations is tragically misleading.  Why would an omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent deity whom they claim to represent be directly dependent upon militant actions of mere man to fulfill that all-powerful deity’s wishes?  That illogical assertion is not consistent with the all-inclusive capabilities claimed for that imagined deity.  The escape propaganda used to get around this theological flaw is the claim that such strong arm devotional indulgences are necessary to “test” the believers’ devotion.  That really answers nothing, for why would an omniscient (all knowing) being ever find it necessary to “test” anything that he/she/it had created?  The only reason for such a hot air claim rests in the ego-driven greed of the “spiritual shepherds: for exercising authority, not to provide any genuine spiritual enlightenment for seekers.

The three highly organized major faith systems of the western world’s cultures–faith systems which are all fragmented by schisms–have each been structured by priest or prophet authors upon a not too subtle prejudice against the bearing principle (considered feminine) that is within the Source which is necessary for life multiplication.  This self-serving and cowardly propaganda has been set in place to “put the blame on woman” in an attempt to absolve the engendering principle within Source (considered male) from all the error and sin in the world.  This propaganda that the creative action which is necessary for bearing forth of matter form is somehow the cause of man’s woes is glaringly antagonistic with the man-is-superior assertion that the male authors penned. It is “holy” guidance such as this of godly approval of inequity that has contributed heavily to mankind’s seemingly endless wars and atrocities.

If the Omniscient power, personified and characterized as a male deity, finds that he/she/it must “test” his/her/its creations for worthiness that divine inclination for questioning any created object or event should be fully acceptable as a human characteristic if we are, as claimed, made in his image.  It is peculiar, therefore, that man-fashioned faith systems tend to abhor questions–especially so in regard to any question concerning their claims of divine authority.  To seriously question the powers-that-be of that faith system can make for some disquieting  conclusions.  One logical conclusion is that only con artists write religious rituals and rites and ceremonies.  That is provable because no one else like you or I really need such crafted public theatrical indulgences to experience personal connection to the all-embracing power in which we exist.  Rites and  ritual and ceremony serve the spiritual pretenders, however, as a means of exercising authority through inflicting a kind of intellectual tyranny which asserts that they and they alone represent what can only be imagined as some Divine Avenger.  That implied avenger conjures up what can only be called superstition which is fleshed out with liberal doses of the supernatural.  This is the intentional crucifixion of rationality nailed upon duplicity.  In that methodology reason is intentionally dishonored for the benefit of theologies.

Despite their implied intimacy with the Creator, true spiritual instruction remains mysteriously nebulous within the tons of man-authored texts which dare to pretend to teach spiritual qualification.  With these texts seekers are taught to reject the varieties and diversities of life expressions, to dismiss any differing way of expressing spiritual consciousness, and to install within themselves a devotion to man-crafted prejudices, bigotry, hatreds, and their religious inspired massacres and wars.  The unifying power that underlies the entire universe and its diversity is totally ignored for the self-imposed illusion fashioned by EGO for imagined exclusiveness with the Creator of that diversity.