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Ignoring Creation’s Law of Diversity

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The centuries of methodology in expressing “faith” in eastern and western cultures have too often proven to drift into extremes of expressing reverence.  The totally passive acceptance of one’s station in life as it was once submissively practiced in Eastern belief systems was the devotion to conformity which mired too many spiritual seekers in the grip of fatalism.  It stressed what might be termed “going with the flow,” but it offered no suggestion that the flow of events are fluid and alterable.  As a result much of eastern cultures endured a long history of experiencing disease, poverty, illiteracy, and lack of basic needs.  The plus side of eastern faith systems was the understanding that each person’s “calling” was to strive for mastery through interacting with higher power, a connection which they correctly recognized as dwelling within.

On the other extreme, Western cultures have been persuaded through control-addicted spirit merchants to concentrate on imitating higher or “divine” power by attempting physical domination of exteriors.  As a result western cultures thus tended to delve deeper and deeper into technological artificiality which have often bent natural forces into extreme contortions.  This, too, can drift into a kind of fatalistic stupor which gets constant rerun billing nowadays in fantasies of an approaching Apocalypse.

In a larger sense both eastern and western faith systems have erred for the same reason: they have often pushed their particular man-concocted faith system’s approach to extreme and in doing so have ignored the Creative Power’s use of, and demand for diversity and variety.  Consequently neither eastern nor western faith systems have fully opened themselves for the practice of respectful interaction with Creation’s diverse and varied components.

To a faith cultivated western mind any suggestion of establishing such a balance between the attempt to dominate nature and seeking to enfold the divine potential which is held within oneself suggests to them a loss of their precious individuality (known as ego).  And yet the underlying and contradictory message of religious counsel in western cultures is that we mus submit to an ultimate authority, personified as a human-like Creator.  In addition that style of holy counseling is generally muddied with the inference that submission to the creative power can be accomplished only through the regulations which are imposed by their particular man-conceived faith system.  In contrast, the more passive eastern practices inspired little more than the implication that their souls might never attain those envisioned rarefied pinnacles of spiritual snobbery which is implied as continuing in a heavenly caste system.  It is thus the extreme affectations within both the eastern and western belief systems which blind the believers to Creation’s law of diversity and variety with consequently mires them all in needless and unintended limitation of spirit.

World societies, their public issues, their concepts of law, justice, education, science and management of material wealth are all influenced and maneuvered by whatever  man-conceive faith system happens to have achieved a temporary authoritative position in their particular region of the world.  Unfortunately the creed, doctrines, dogmas and schemes of order are but the inventions of man and therefore their functions are intentionally self-serving.  The result of man-formulated faith markets is that man’s orchestrated “faiths” are not always–indeed rarely are–the true champions for moral conduct and ethical behavior as they habitually claim.

The theatrical indulgences referred to as religion is commonly defined as the expression of man’s belief in and reverence for a superhuman power o powers which are regarded as having created and govern the universe.  It is when that “abiding faith” gets channeled into an obsession to compel others to practice “reverence” in their specific man-invented manner that one’s faith ceases to truly honor the creative power which is active as the Life Principle.  This in turn results only in all devotion and reverence of seekers being turned in upon the faith system itself. That herding technique into cult-like activities is nothing more than a hard marketing ploy, and that faith system is not a manner by which genuine reverence is transmitted to the power which is active within each seeker.   When “faith” is made into nothing more than a posturing management organization it has degraded itself by pursuing only worldly advantages for the system itself.  Under this false flag these regimented faith systems intentionally thrust themselves between the seeker and the ultimate power instead of guiding and instructing each seeker in how each one may personally approach and be infused by that all-embracing power.

Rigid, uncompromising faith systems (known as fundamentalism) always bear the mark of Cain upon themselves–the ugly blotches of deceitfulness, trickery, intimidation, coercion, lies, seeking to bring down democratic principles, naked intolerance, slanderous allegations, hateful rhetoric, political scheming, shameless discrimination, threats of violence and outright terrorism.  Even in the United States, founded upon and dedicated to personal freedoms, we have seen the mark of Cain magnified and exemplified in the Religious Right’s attack upon life’s diversity and variety by inciting the spiritually naive through such low tactics. These false prophets are the ones who consistently attempt to obliterate the wise Constitutional precondition of church/state separation.  Only false faith finds it necessary to indulge in endless proselytizing, manipulating cohorts into governing offices (such as the Senate, the House, the Supreme Court)  with subversive intent, and even blatantly attempt to subject all men and women in our military branches into forced discriminatory religious observances.  These hard line tactics are immoral and unethical and designed only for extracting material and political advantages for themselves, not a formula for true democratic comportment, and certainly not a means for any spiritual advancement.  Such assertive faith systems can, however, point to their priest-written tales in the Old Testament for holy examples of godly approval for indulging in such treacherous behavior.

When one ignores Creation’s law of  diversity and feels that their personal faith must be forced upon others, that fixation openly demonstrates that it is merely selfish aggressiveness and is not a secure inner faith.  That power which they bow down  to is nothing more than a disguised and driving fixation for material power and physical dominance–the gnawing desire of self-importance (ego).  Such an inflexible “faith” is thus only mutated idealism in which personal ego is regarded as their holy connection.  And in that induced spiritual stupor the hardliners of those by-the-book faith systems mistakenly believe that they alone hold a priority rank with the Absolute.


Failure of By-The-Book Faith Systems

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Genuine history shows that each of the three sister monotheistic faith systems of western cultures were launched as an insurrectionary movement against an established social order which had tended to honor a broad-based tolerance for diverse spiritual practices.  The hard-line monotheistic faith systems which dominate western cultures today expanded and have maintained their power structures only by indoctrination practices which have included perceptible intimidation tactics and even terrorism (such as is brutally demonstrated in Muslim extremists to this day).  The underlying fact is that the whole purpose of monotheistic practice was to establish a closed environment in which each person is doggedly conditioned to submit and obey an upper echelon of the system’s hierarchy.

The method of any by-the-book faith system’s empowerment is to inject subconscious fear of godly retribution by his withholding any promise of attaining a glorious afterlife if any seeker fails to obey the faith system’s representatives.  With this improvable assertion of a paradisiacal afterlife for the alleged favorites of God , the “flock” is persuaded to sheepishly submit and obey.  To keep faith system discipline the contention is put forth that the all-enfolding Life Principle (which is personified as “God”) favors them alone: however, this assertion is the very antithesis of spiritual freedom, inner peace, tolerance, compassion, fairness, justice, ethics, morality, and all other true qualities which elevate spirit into an evolved state of existence.

As a consequence the formalized by-the-book “religions” that are today presented to us as spiritual guidance are faith systems which are constructed and characterized by their constant arguments over artificial objectives, empty symbols, phony prophets, shallow judgments of others, prejudices over superficialities, and pompous ritualism which intentionally keep seekers blind to our personal interrelatedness to all the rest of the universe.  What this shows is that man-made faith systems are essentially geared to regulate material greed and self-promotional events, not to actually guide seekers into personal attunement with Creation’s forces.  When man-composed “holy word” texts are primarily assertions about godly nit-picking and jealousy, accounts of wars, invasions, killings and similar irreverent acts toward all interrelated intelligent beings something is tragically inappropriate for authentic spiritual counselling.  Certainly the glorification of such provoked conflicts with life’s intended diversity and variety only encourage the practices of prejudice and self-indulgence, and should not be held as the foundation of ethical/moral attitude for social interchange.

Only in fairly recent times has the means been established to provide the capability to check the reliability and truthfulness of many “holy word” accounts.  That painstaking science is biblical archaeology.  For well over a century of digs throughout Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Syria and Lebanon there have been uncovered factual details of everyday life during the timeframes and events that make up the bulk of Hebrew Scriptures.  The discoveries have often stunned and dismayed even the archaeologists, and the implications have horrified those who wish to believe that the books thought of as “holy word” are actually God’s revealed truth.  The  books known as the Old Testament were not actually codified until around the eighth/seventh centuries BCE–or generations after the alleged events.  And the reason for that labor of systemizing such works was the political crisis which loomed over Judah in the timeframe following the fall of the kingdom of Israel to the north which had fallen to Assyria.  Thus the origins and purpose for writing the stories of “God’s chosen ones” have to be reassessed with an eye kept upon the political crises that motivated them.

Likewise the New Testament composed within the Roman Empire timeframe should be reassessed with an eye on the political crisis that the Jewish fanatics in Palestine presented to the Empire.  During the Roman occupation of Palestine the Jews pointed to their priest-written “Scriptures” as proof that they were answerable only to God and divine exclusivity, and not surprisingly this brought the Jews into constant friction with the  Roman Empire.

In assessing the “holy book” of western culture faith systems it should also be remembered that the Arab region had no prophet or written work to unite the people until the timeframe of Mohammad (570?-632 CE).  The fundamental tenets of Islam are: 1) There is one God (Allah):  2) Man must to submit and obey Allah: and 3) The world will end with a great judgment.  These tenets have direct and undeniable association with Judaic and Christian systems of belief–which Mohammad just happened to have heard and built upon during his many caravan merchant travels.

Lost in these by-the-book faith systems’ contrived rituals, unfortunately, is any means of perceiving one’s own personal spiritual alignment with the highest essences which are the foundation of our real self. The exploration of our inner self with the motivation to establish meaningful balance with nature and the universe is not a feature of any of the three regimented faith systems of the  western world.  Everything remains focused upon the faith system itself which subconsciously tells the seekers that the individual is not of any particular importance to the all-too-human-like deity. Nothing in this form of faith system commerce is even suggestive of addressing the actual spiritual qualities which are inherent within every being.  Instead every seeker is instructed to submit and obey their man-written holy book instructions but are not really shown any means of opening themselves for the experience of spiritual evolving.  The difference between practicing a religion and making oneself open to spiritual vitality is a different as taking or receiving.  If emphasis is upon ideology and ritualism, then it is religion, for religious practice can only take its authority from those who relinquish their spiritual energy to it.  On the other hand, that essential spiritual quality which is the essence of each personal identity can align with Cosmic Conscience only by achieving a reflective state of consciousness, for what we term spirit within our self is a reflective component of that higher Creative Conscience.  If personal attention is grounded in what is only a theatrical perfomance then the path into the higher state of spiritual awareness remains blocked.

Bluntly, A person’s genuine spiritual evolution begins to malfunction as soon as exterior authority is imposed upon it.

These website posts have often referred to ancient lessons which concerned Creation/cosmology and life purpose, and those lessons were once illustrated by using the universe itself as background–the use of groups of stars (constellations) to illustrate the lessons.  That prehistory means of instruction was not corrupted with any pretentious claims that universal truths were accessible only through some regimented, club-like membership-only faith system.  There was then no merchandising of our spiritual connection into that higher power; there were no claims of a monopoly on universal truths as made by the by-the-book faith systems today–systems that distinguish themselves primarily by their hostility toward each other for their own material gain.  Mankind must awaken to the fact that there can be no expansion or attainment of spiritual enlightenment from such corporate-style by-the-book faith systems, for they are demonstratively superficial in the universe as a whole and, on the smaller scale, too implausible and unnatural to technological cultures. Clearly what humankind is in desperate need of is not pretense of faith system exclusivity but a new dimension of consciousness.