Questions of Personhood

Having it both ways is a popular aspiration for those seeking to impose upon the United States citizens a mandatory faith system for acknowledging the Source out of which all things have been created.  On the one hand, some of the religiously obsessed have shamelessly insisted upon making a religious/political issue out of the process of biological development, declaring that pre-birth energy cells (protoplasm) are to be understood as a self-conscious person.  On the other hand, these same persons who declare themselves to be pro-life remain coolly insensitive when it comes to caring for the millions of babies that are born into life-robbing circumstances.

The so-called right-to-life harangue is nothing other than false piety used to disguise the fact that their clamor for personhood status of what is only a potential human has nothing to do with genuine right to life: it is all about trashing democratic style government and imposing dictatorial control.  And these phony issues have become increasingly prevalent since the radical religious right gained control of the Republican Party in 1996.  Attempting to enforce the claim of personhood for protoplasm is another case of ignoring facts that invalidate their claim.  Technically speaking, life is already present and at work in the sperm and the egg even before they unite, so is the egg and each sperm cell also to be regarded a person?  A half person?  How far is this absurdity to be pursued?

The protoplasm that results from the uniting of sperm and egg is the jellylike colloidal substance-form which becomes activated as the “living” energy-substance of animals and plant cells.  Basic functions for life are being initiate, yes, but the resulting unit of energy-substance is not endowed with the evolved sense of self-awareness.  In other words, that coagulating energy-substance has no conscious ability to declare, “I think, therefore I am.”

The activists for right-to-life reveal their true stripes in various attacks upon social structures that have served life and democracy well in the United States for many decades.  If they really are concerned about pro-life and right-to-life issues, why do they so adamantly insist upon cutting back on young life needs such as adequately paid teachers and even school lunch programs?  Why is education and developmental institutions such as libraries always among the first objectives that they want to cut?  How does keeping people dumbed down insure a more secure life for the infants coming into life?

The have-your-cake-and-eat-it-too crowd has slowly and religiously chipped away at voter approved democratic regulations for fair play and decency by pretending devotion to Christian principles.  Under the guise of biblical inspiration there has arisen an army of religious pretenders who have invaded the Senate, the House of Representative, the US Supreme Court, and political positions (governors) in various states.  The results in every case has been swift and ruthless attempts to severely limit citizen freedoms, commonly under the guise of a need for smaller government.  In actuality, the strictness they seek to force upon the people, and keep those restrictions in place, requires much more bureaucracy and organization than in democratic distribution.  Nazi Germany, which utilized the same tactics, stands as a testament of where that type of heavy-handed government can lead.

Carrying the pro-choice and right-to-life charade into even more extreme territory, they think that they can see god at work in conceptions that result even from rape and incest, which pretty much reduces their concept of god to something like a demented sex addict.  Their pretense that abortion under any circumstance amount to “sin” is presented as gospel even though the subject of abortion is never addressed anywhere in scriptural texts.  On the other hand, there are numerous priest-written accounts of pregnant women being killed and defenseless infants being destroyed with god’s approval—especially in those tales of Joshua, the Bible character from whom the name Jesus was derived.

But the pro-life, Bible pounding hypocrites are eager and willing to even carry spiritual corruption into the realm of psychosis, as witnessed by the US Supreme Court, dominated by five (out of nine) “Justices” who are Republican/Roman Catholic.  These five men, who apparently cling to a pope’s infallible assessment that a person suddenly exists at conception, then found it easy to judge that the nonhuman, manmade creations of corporations were to be regarded as endowed with personhood too!  In effect, this bloc of five devout Catholic “Justices” attempted to miraculously transform something that is unborn into a being that allegedly possesses the conscious awareness of “I am.”  That absurdity of extending to inanimate creations (corporations) the privileges of national citizenship and human rights is supported by neither the US Constitution nor by any scriptural texts.  That law interpretation, which is held to be incontestable—that corporations are persons—is all about materialism, and any spiritual standards claimed by those “justices” are merely utilized for camouflage.

As for the rest of the American citizens, these brainless perversions of democratic principles as determined by those five Republican/Roman Catholic Supreme Court “Justices,” intentionally reduced the living, breathing citizens to a surreal status suspended somewhere between the pre-born and the unborn.  That is not representative of the democratic values envisioned by the founding fathers of the United States of America.

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