How Low Will Religious Fanatics Go?

God and Jesus Christ must be so pleased with the Christian domination being attempted at the US Air Force Academy (USAFA) at Colorado Springs, Colorado.  That institution has been a hotbed of Christian discrimination and proselytizing for years now, from the top brass on down, and the dogmatic activities at the Academy have been anything but complimentary to the teachings attributed to Jesus.

A case in point is the recent cowardly attack upon an innocent animal, a service dog of an Associate Professor of Economics at the Academy who had dared to speak out critically on the academy’s monkey-wrench handling of religious proselytizing and the religious discrimination misconduct being widely indulged in at the Academy.  The black Labrador retriever, named Caleb, was trained as a medical support canine for the professor who has a health problem causing occasional vertigo and imbalance.  The primary owner of the dog, however, happens to be Guide Dogs for the Blind.

Suspicious is an understatement for the cowardly attack upon the gentle dog.  And it is questionable how such cowardice and disregard of innocent life reflects the proselytizer’s claims of Christian enlightenment.  The heavy Christian proselytizing activities at the Academy have been investigated for several years by the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF), and the professor happens to be the only openly known supporter of that investigative group.  But there are also over 250 MRFF clients at the Academy who have sought help over the unethical (and unconstitutional) attempts to indoctrinate all cadets into one specific man-formulated faith system.  The triggering point for the deadly attack on the dog was likely the professor’s testimony in a federal court in February 2011 in the MRFF attempt to block an evangelical proselytizing ex-Marine from speaking at the National Prayer Day event.

On retracing events on the day of the dog’s sudden collapse, it was pretty conclusive that the dog could not have been poisoned anywhere other than the professor’s office while the professor was conducting a class.  All office doors are locked during such times, but  the lock on all doors of the USAFA faculty offices were identical, and therefore any of the staff or faculty would  possess a key that would open his office door.  This certainly suggests an “inside job.”  The professor had the lock on his office changed after the dastardly attack, and when he turned in the key to the old lock, the key number which had been registered to it did not match the returned key.

Radicalism is not a psychological quirk to be regarded as a leadership attribute.  Such mental inflexibility does not qualify a person with the ability to interact with mutual respect with others to achieve a common good.  Certainly the limited and perverted spiritual characteristic that indulges in such conduct as threats of violence or even death threats—as relayed to the founder and president of the MRFF—toward people who are not of the same faith system has no loyalty to democratic principles upon which the United States was founded. 

Should we be placing the safety and honor of our nation in the hands of such fanatics?

P. S.  The dog is being nursed back to health.

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