US Supreme Court Betrays Democracy–Again

The US Supreme Court, dominated five out of nine by Republican nominated Catholic “justices,” has once again favored corporations and big money over the citizens of the nation whom they are supposed to protect.  There is no longer any doubt as to the true allegiance of Chief “Justice” Roberts and his fellow conspirators.

Consumer rights were again fluffed off by the April 27th, 2010 court ruling (5 to 4); citizens’ fragile lines of defense against unscrupulous corporation practices were virtually stripped away, patted down, lewdly shafted and thrown to be meat for the predatory corporations.  Old reliable Justice Scalia indifferently recited the court’s incontestable decision that favored AT&T and actually gave open range ability to corporations to use consumer and employment contracts to strip the citizens of any rights to join class-action lawsuits!  (The case was AT&T v. Concepcion.)

Any consumer has faced corporation “agreements”—too often without even paying attention to the barriers the corporations place in the “agreement” which allows them to sidestep responsibility for irresponsible performances.  Ever arranged needed medical care in a hospital or doctor’s office?  Ever opened a bank account (the same banks that got billions of dollars of bailout from your tax money)?  Ever gotten a mortgage, or refinanced your home? Ever bought a cell phone?  Ever purchased a refrigerator?  Ha!  The “agreement” you signed certainly was not something agreed upon through any negotiation with you.  Think that was to protect your interests?

Almost all corporation “agreement” contracts contain the barely legal inclusion that contain “arbitration clauses,” which gives the false impression that corporations are willing to bother themselves with ironing out any wrinkles of discontent with some individual. 

So buyer beware!  This phony implied offer of arbitration blocks the protection for individuals through traditional trials, even barring mistreated persons the right and ability to gather information from corporate defendants!  Furthermore, the largest “arbitration” firms are notoriously partial to Big Business, not individuals. 

Ahh, but these shady dealings are  just hunky-dory with the carefully stacked US Supreme Court.  The typical corporate indulgences in actual fraud, discrimination, unprofessional conduct, and other practices against groups of consumers and even employees, are but another means of destroying the foundation of democracy.  That is the intent of Right Wing fanatics.  And now, true to form, five of the right-leaning high court “justices” gave their blessing upon corporations by allowing them to force people into arbitration, while those whom the corporations harm are denied the right of assembly with others who are also seeking actual justice in a court of law.

Denying people allowance to confront corporations’ wrongdoings through class action suits for a fair opportunity to obtain rectification is not concerned with genuine justice.  Corporations may now indulge themselves in even more lucrative rip-offs.  Apparently the Catholic dominated US Supreme Court implies divine guidance in allowing corporations to this, which only proves how out of touch with reality that stacked court really is.

If there are any members of Congress that are actually honorable and truly have any loyalty to the democratic principles put in place by this nation’s founding fathers, then get down to some real work and reintroduce and enact the Arbitration Fairness Act that got shelved.  The nation was not founded upon we the corporations treachery—a fact that the stacked Supreme Court has self-servingly forgotten.

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