The Theory of God

For many millennia apprehensive seekers have theorized the existence of God as an intellectual being and credited him with the creation of everything.  From the most primitive of times it has been routine for the god-theorists to exploit that hypothesis as the certification of their executive status.  In that capacity the self-blessed executives exercised religious/political authority over the docile, less imaginative multitude.  However, as humankind has evolved through the last couple of centuries with the technological ability to uncover the basic principles at work as Creation, there still has been no confirmation of an omniscient being having initiated it all.  It should not be considered disrespectful for humankind to use its evolved intellect to seek a definitive testimonial as to the theorized existence of a Supreme Being who is claimed to play the central role in the creation and operation of the universe, and in the continuance of human lives.  A theory, no matter how ego-gratifying, is something that lacks verification. 

Consider: a theory is the systematic organization of things observed and which seem applicable in a relatively wide variety of circumstances; especially a system of assumptions regarding principles and rules of procedure that have been devised to analyze, predict or otherwise explain the nature or behavior of a given set of phenomenon.  A hypothesis is an assertion that is subject to verification or proof; a proposition accepted as a basis of reasoning; a premise from which a conclusion is drawn; a conjecture that accounts for a set of beliefs that are yet to be undisputedly proven.

Through many millennia the more reality-based seekers have studied the heavens (astronomy), the physical attributes of animate creatures (biology), the soil levels of Earth (geology), and even the interaction between energy and matter (physics) seeking evidence, regardless how meager, that a Creator-being exists.  Not only have these labors failed to find clues that might support such a theory, but their attention to details has openly confirmed that the energy manifestation which is spoken of as Creation was not a process that occurred by some predetermined design.  Indeed, their research demonstrates that the universe and everything in it trundles along as a self-amassed energy involvement. 

Genuine wisdom suggests that humanity would be much more morally advanced by embracing rationality rather than ego-gratifying pretense of exclusiveness with some unproven supernatural being that is at the heart of religious posturing.  Near-divine potential could be accomplished throughout the human adventure by simply recognizing that tolerance extended to the extensive diversity of energy manifestations would diminish the bulk of mankind’s painful conflicts.  The secret for experiencing such a secular heavenly state is to simply abandon the religion-taught habit of searching for personal meaning an a faraway external supernatural entity and direct attention properly to finding your internal connection with the universe.

5 Responses to “The Theory of God”

  1. Yes, all this is true. But do you personally see any hope that atheists will start to appear in great numbers, that fewer and fewer younger people will succomb to the widespread delusion of the existence of a god? I myself don’t. I see people less and less willing to be rational, less and less willing to stand up and say god is pretend. They maybe don’t want to go to church anymore, but they won’t go any further than that.

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