Ancient Source of Holy Trinity Concept

The concept of three-in-one, or triune involvement, is a feature in all religions in some manner.  The religions that have evolved through the millennia have clouded and lost the  more ancient understanding of the Creation process as they were once taught and which became presented and personified as the “trinity” in holy mystery.  Modern science helps us understand the genius that was present in prehistory cultures that knew what truly constitutes the three-in-one.  In ancient teachings the three-in-one aspects as the Source of all things actually concerned what modern physics calls the three families of elementary particles. 

The basic particles of all matter as defined in atomic chemistry are electrons, protons, and neutrons.  These constitute the three-in-one that serve as the nucleus that activates as elementary substance.  The electron is the smallest unit charge of negative electricity.  Together with the proton and neutron, they make up one of the fundamental particles of which all matter is composed.  In the simplest nucleus, that of the hydrogen atom of mass 1, the nucleus  consists of a single proton which has a positive charge of electricity that is equal in magnitude to that of an electron.  The neutron, the third part of the nucleus, is an uncharged particle.  These three particles must be present together to activate into elementary substance, the basis of all matter: allegorically one god subsisting in three persons and one substance.  Thus in Christian rearrangement this accounts for the “three persons” where Jesus allegedly commanded his disciples to go out and baptize “in the name of the father and of the son and of the holy spirit” (Matthew 28:19).

Molecules, those minute particles that move about as a singular whole, were once thought to be the fundamental particles—or building blocks of matter.  It was eventually determined, however, that molecules were made up of atoms.  Looking further into atoms, science then discovered that the atoms were nuclei with electrons around them.  From this discovery the understanding arose that nuclei were composed of neutrons and protons.  But even these were discovered not to be the smallest elementary particles, but that neutrons and protons were themselves built out of quarks.

The quark of physics is a miniscule set of fermions having an electrical charge, and this is thought to be the fundamental particle of the universe.  The word “particle,” unfortunately, tends to be interpreted as singular thing with quantity.  But a fundamental particle is more representative of what may be termed a trace point of eternal energy involvement.  This is not something that can be regarded as “god” or a divine being, although it is ever-circling of energy within itself out which is projected the kaleidoscopic colorings that we see as the complexity of the universe.

Actively involving out and with quarks, the neutrons and protons arise much like polar energies.  These, in turn, involve and transform as nuclei with electrons around it.  These elementary particles are not yet what could be considered defined form, but only a unity of primal energy with the potential of forming into energy-substance.  All three aspect  within the primordial conditions gather as potential form that is capable of emanating as a force, and this is then capable of exerting itself with four distinct properties of involvement necessary for material manifestation—allegorized in Genesis as four rivers out of Eden.  The unlimited potentiality held within the elementary particle was represented as three eternal, interacting, and inseparable aspects that ejaculate as energies of Creation.  This is ancient knowledge that was used in the claims of “revealed” information in sacred texts.  In the New Testament, for example, the unverifiable character of John is alleged to have said, “…there are three that bear record in heaven, these three are one.”  As we have seen, the three-in-one is indeed recorded through the universe, and indeed the three creative principles do bear witness in the projected energy that defines Earth, and thus confirms that they agree in one. 

However, the NT account does not exactly confirm the reality of the story characters.


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