Miracle Men of Scriptures

Obsessive readers of scriptural tales often find themselves pondering upon the alleged wonder-workings recorded in their sacred books and bemoan the loss of  the “age of miracles.”  But it remains nothing short of miraculous in itself that so many of those people in our technological age could seriously think that “laws” of universal functioning would be set aside for nothing more than some special-effects show that was whipped up simply to awe some select band of ragtag nomads.

Readers are inundated with improvable characters such as Elijah, Elisha, and even Jesus who are portrayed as having fed multitudes of followers, for example, but they did nothing whatsoever to aid starving people anywhere in the world.  They did nothing to thwart corruption anywhere, although the did rail against perceived injustice to their concerns.  They did nothing that would reduce ignorance from which prejudice and hatreds breed.  They did nothing to stop man’s inhumane treatment of  “lesser” life forms (animal cruelty).  In fact, by all scriptural accounts the “miracle men” of yore did nothing of genuine benefit to actually advance or enlighten humankind in any substantial way.

 In short, those “miracle men” given to us as examples in scriptural myths were not the producers of or for society—i.e. they did not create anything by mental or physical effort that would be of serviceable or utilitarian benefit for others.  Indeed, these characters are actually held up as praiseworthy for often having to flee from established community rules, and that their existence most often depended upon what they could extract or beg from others—their alleged miraculous feeding of multitudes not withstanding.  How is this means of self-preservation any different from that of parasites?

Most often we read that these non-producing “miracle men” did much preaching, orating and sermonizing, during which they arrogantly assailed their gullible listeners for being sinful and unworthy beings.  These characters are presented as habitually praising an external and separate being who is declared to be the all-wise, omnipotent, all-powerful creator of the universe but who, for some never explained reason, needed their nonstop theatrics and harangues to accomplish the all-wise one’s wishes.  The reward that these “miracle men” offered society for supporting them with handouts was the hope of someday being accepted into a country-club-like paradise which the “miracle men” could not prove.

 The respect that is lavished upon those alleged miracle men of yore who shamelessly claimed personal access to “revealed wisdom” but who were non-producers can be indulged in only at the expense of every one of us setting aside the survivor mechanism that is a built-in feature of each life form’s natural defense system.  Once that necessary ability for rational thought is blunted down by orating, preaching, and sermonizing by non-producers in today’s society, the absurdities of their performances become transfigured into moral instruction!  The spiritually abused victims of  such divine manipulating are our society’s real, genuine producers who get conned into supporting the endless talkers in an easy non-productive life style.

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