Hunger for Human Family Values

Chronic hunger threatens over one billion persons today, which means that at minimum one-sixth of all humanity is facing a starvation crisis.  Even recently in the United States, for example, during the fairly good economic times in 1999, there were some 31 million persons that were either hungry or uncertain of their next meal.  Of these 12 million were children.  Today, worldwide, about 24,000 persons, the majority of them children, die every day from hunger or hunger-related causes.

In Niger, for example, 3.6 million persons face starvation.  Children starve to death inside refugee camps in Yemen, and tens of thousands of children outside the camps, at least 100,000 of them under the age of fifteen.  In Madagascar 250,000 children under the age of five face the crisis of malnutrition.  The hunger situation is worldwide:  Nepal, Ethiopia, India, Haiti, Afghanistan, Nigeria—on and on.

The callousness displayed by “we are god’s favorites” righteous belief systems toward the hunger crisis for the over one billion persons facing a starvation crisis today is hypocritical, to say the least.  Consider: in Gaza the Red Cross found the Israeli Military guilty of unacceptable conduct in ignoring international humanitarian law after finding four emaciated children huddling next to the corpse of their mother in a bomb-shattered house in Gaza.  There were numerous other such discoveries in Gaza, and the Israeli Military ordered the Red Cross representatives out of the area—an order which the representatives refused to honor.

Another example: In the African nation of Uganda the evangelical missionaries there had campaigned against the distribution of condoms, and instead counseled the youth to abstain from sexual activity.  As a result the amount of unwanted pregnancies increased dramatically over a two-year period, and equally alarming so did the cases of AIDS.  But the missionaries found other victims to focus on and encouraged the Uganda legislators to consider laws condemning homosexuals, even encouraging the legislators to enact harsh reprisals for same-sex activities—even to the extent of executing them!  The counselors were certain that god approved such prejudice against the diverse lifestyles that “he” had created.

The continuing mindset for the self-proclaimed righteous ones has alway been reflected in glamorizing big families, as though god’s greatest desire was quantity over quality.  There was always the propaganda that there is spiritual advantage in numerous siblings growing up together.  The thought of practicing birth control horrified them, and they refused to take responsibility for careless breeding.  Blithely ignored was the fact that when there are a number of children produced there is often sibling rivalry for parental attention.  And when that attention is miniscule the children are  likely to fail to learn respect, compassion and moral strength from the adults.  That too often results in the formation of many gangs and the senseless indulgence in violence in the attempt to gain a sense of  importance. 

True “family values” begin and hinge upon taking responsibility only for the number of children that a couple may produce and can bestow on each of them regular loving attention.  Otherwise the parents do humanity no service, and certainly they do not use the brain that the Creator bestowed upon Man so he might evolve.

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