Holy Horrors

The role of religion in incidents of escalating violence throughout the world is broadly ignored and suppressed in daily “news” reporting, and this avoidance is peculiarly noticeable in the United States.  Self-imposed censorship of religious pretentiousness in the name of freedom is something of an oxymoron.

 The relationship between a person’s taught belief system and a cultured tendency to be fanned into physical violence rests in a complicated asymmetrical balance of emotions that are due in part to the contradictory elements that make up religious “traditions” and practice.  Western organized religions are so heavily politicized and pretentious that any creditable spiritual content has settled like sludge to the bottom of the barrel.

The Torah, the Christian Bible, and the Koran are products of an ongoing incestuous relationship that has been carried on for millennia.  Each “holy” record claims common ancestors, and the love-hate infatuation of their close relatedness has bred only deformed mental attitude that has disturbed the whole world.  Each “faith” extols the virtues of compassion, altruism, humility, mercy, peace and justice, while also relating alleged god-approved acts of stoning, killing, warring, enslavement, destruction and deceit.  Spiritual integrity cannot evolve in such an agitated environment for it teaches seekers to direct noble sentiment or respect only to specific persons or some method of honoring the Source of all things. 

That which is revered as “faith” is, more often than not, little more than a focus on some self-proclaimed authority and a practice of bibliolatry—text worship—that is always open to questionable interpretation.  Extreme devotion to the written word presented by men who awed tribal members with their improvable claims of divine favoritism is like trying to drive forward down the highway of life while staring into the rearview mirror.  It is indispensable to know what is behind you, but it is more essential to keep your eyes on the road itself.  Too often the aim of those “authority” figures seeking to direct traffic is to stir up a sense of sanctified rage in others which feeds into their sense of personal power more than it accomplishes anything with decisive merit.

If one studies the genuine, honest history of major western religious movements—not the faith’s approved whitewashed version—it is a shock to find that  most pages are blood soaked.  To hold up such storied accounts as examples to follow to attain one’s higher potential assures nothing but continued tragedy.  If we remove the blinders which “faith” has pressured upon us, we can see that even today the savagery of sacrificing diverse life expressions is seen as appealing to the Source of that diversity!

 We need look nor further than the sorry loss of  spiritual integrity now being advocated throughout some African nations.  As Evangelical and Pentecostal Christianity has spread across Nigeria and Congo, the teaching of the missionaries has been that the Bible is the perfect word of god.  That perverted teaching has insured the practice of bibliolatry, the literal interpretation of every word.  The result has been the heartless indulgence in beating, burning, and disfiguring children that have been condemned by Christian pastors and priests as “witches!”  It is all done in the name of Jesus and the Holy Spirit, so how can it be evil?

And let us not ignored any longer the horror that is now being advocated in the African nation of Uganda under the instigation of Evangelicals known as “The Family” from the United States.  Uganda’s president succumbed to Evangelical pressure and converted to their highly politicized form of “faith.”  Now fully filled with holy insight Uganda’s president has accepted the challenge of “wiping out” homosexuality in his earthly realm.  Rather than seeking to understand biological causes he has chosen instead to dedicate his leadership to eliminating the natural diversity in life’s pool.  Thus he promotes a bill that allows for the death penalty for any gay infected with AIDS, and even advocates jail time  for parents that do not report their homosexual teens to the police. 

Today throughout Africa the Evangelicals still peddle their Bibles and seek to convert the largely docile people into acceptance of sacrificing innocent persons for godly favor.

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