Neo-Cons’ Concept of Evil

Neo-conservatism has burrowed into the American psyche and guts through the last few decades and has flourished due primarily to the juvenile Christian perception of evil.  As a result, the nature of American politics evolved increasingly into a radical and warmongering style that in turn infected and attacked the very roots of our democracy.

The neo-conservative attitude seems to consistently struggle upon the quicksand-assessment that human beings are innately wicked, and the heart that pumps this attitude rests in the ribs of biblical myth that presents the idea of original sin.  That fairy tale approach to what is the natural interfacing and resultant friction met in everyday life permits them only the premise that humans do “evil” for the perverse gratification of it!  Consequently they themselves have come to embody and exemplify that virulent interpretation that they so vehemently denounce.

Of course the neo-cons insist that they alone faithfully embody only the good and wholesome attributes favored by god, and all others are aligned with Lucifer and are irrational villains.  From this sand fortress they then feel secure enough in god’s graciousness to hurl grenades of slander and libel against any life expressions that do not match up with their narrow understanding of Creation’s diversity.  Thus self-blinded it became only a skip and a jump to selling weapons of mass destruction to other authoritarians, making deals with brutal dictators, counting corporate profits from invasions of foreign countries, and shrugging off the innocent civilian lives lost from indulging in bombing “infidels.”

Through the decades as radical religionism contaminated American government there has grown, for the neo-cons, an awkward bewilderment expressed in their plaintive question, “Why have they (the foreign nations) come to despise us so?”  Self righteousness is a peculiar form of blindness.  Compromise through negotiations with the “enemy” is held by the neocons to be unacceptable, for it allows respectful coexistence of diverse elements.  They refuse to recognize or accept that the activation of countless diverse forces served as the foundation of Creation and is what continues to sustain it—a truth lightly alluded to in the book of Genesis and confirmed by science.  Nonetheless, the neo-cons and the Christian radical right formed an adulterous relationship under which diplomacy and negotiation was rejected for apocalyptic-style military solutions.

By biblical standards this is judged to be fully acceptable.  After all, in biblical tales god repeatedly erupted in wrath and punished all of Israel for the transgressions of a few, as elaborated in Joshua 7:1-12, and 2 Samuel 21:2.  Under such Bible guidance it is deemed okay to strike at anyone who oppose neo-cons’ plans, even the patently unjust ones, under the self-delusion that they are “doing god’s work.”  In that stance, however, all they are declaring is their impatience with god, for he, god, is in the habit of taking intolerable amounts of time to express his will.

6 Responses to “Neo-Cons’ Concept of Evil”

  1. I’m not sure if I believe that neo-cons actually believe themselves when they preach about justice in the name of Christianity and same such nonsense, what disturbs me more is the neo-conservative notion of meritocracy, which they like to make themselves believe is a common sense notion despite the fact that a prerequisite of meritocracy must certainly be equal rights and chances, which are far from given. Everyone who truly believes that equal rights garbage needs to be strung to a tree and flogged. It’s the same reason why Americans seem to blame themselves for all the bad that comes to them, which is a hoot to watch, because I’m in Europe and far away from that silly crap.

    Back to the neo-conservative / religion thing, like I said before, I don’t think religion plays any role whatsoever, ‘behind the curtains’ it’s battles between economically powerful lobbies for their turn at the ‘steering wheel of the state’.

    • chouck017894 Says:

      Oddly, the radical christians seen in America are not prone to blaming themselves for anything; its always someone else who has wronged them and by extension wronged the creative power they personify as “god.” Revel in your distance from the silly crap, but just remember that Europe went through over five centuries of religious silliness, otherwise known as the Dark Ages. America is still in the juvenile stage with hormonal overload, which is indeed a hoot to watch.

      • Europe is far from blameless in that regard, I definitely agree, I was referring to our contemporary society when I said what I did.

        Interesting about the radical christians in the States not blaming themselves for a lot of the wrong, by itself, that’s a notion I’d actually feel inclined to agree with in the overwhelming majority of cases. Not anymore once put into their kind of context, but it’s a solid premise as a stand-alone argument, methinks, considering the pseudo-democracy we’re living in today.

  2. You are obviously passionate about your positions,and that is admirable, but I wholeheartly disagree with you on most everything. You can not believe in God but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t exist. It’s like standing near a light switch, and declaring you don’t believe in electricity. It is your absolute right to stand there in the dark, but it doesn’t mean it makes sense. You can scream that you don’t believe in light, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exsist. It only means that you have made a choice and you are living in darkness, as your consequence. There are alot of hypocrites in the world, some claim to be christians. Sitting in church makes you a christian like sitting in a a garage makes you a car! There are some hyporcrites who claim to want change… but they are pushing the same socialist crap they’ve been peddling for 40 years, they just wrapped it up a little differant. And sell it to the next generation…its still the same junk. Being passionate doesn’t make you right. If spouting scriptures was all it took to be a christian, You would be one. I hope that you keep this for thought to ponder.

    • chouck017894 Says:

      To use your own words, “Being passionate doesn’t make you right.” As for comparing belief in god with electricity, there’s a problem. We know what it is and we use it, although not always well; the concept of “god,” however, is something linked with personal ego and remains unproven.

  3. This text is priceless. Where can I find out more?

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