Sex Attraction, A Bogus “Spiritual” Dilemma

(There was enough sex-charged spam feedback on a previous post, Thoughts on Gay Marriage, to merit a few other comments.)

Chromosomes and the chemistry of the brain determine a person’s behavior and their attraction to other persons functioning on a similar wavelength, so to speak.  The effect of sex chromosomes and the chemical sex hormones do not have an undeviating manner of lining up or assembling according to one’s general anatomical features as adherents of radical religious prejudices choose to pretend.  Furthermore, anatomists know there are considerable variations in the human brain—its shape, thalamus, structure of the cerebrum, etc.—that are extremely variable and are as individual as an individual’s fingerprints.  Mental and/or sensory properties connected with brain structure may align within widely diverse ranges, and no two person will ever be exactly the same—not even “identical” twins.

The chromosomes chemically control the total development of the body, the brain and intelligence.  These do so in a wide range of ways throughout a person’s life.  Within these God-allowable differences there is left open the allowance for great diversity of life and love expressions.  Therefore, for religious or political factions to pretend that only one narrow expression of life or love is expected by “god” to be striven for by all  individuals is contrary to the manner in which the physical human organism was created.  If one believes that “intelligent design” is at work and responsible for all manifestations, then religious or political demands for one-style-only expressions of personal affection amounts to sacrilege.

Those who wax with rigid divine certainty regarding same-sex attraction would do well to remember that studies in the difference in development of body and brain have shown that the brain needs considerable amount of body to function well.  On the other hand, it has been medically authenticated that the body needs very little brain to exist.  Radical religionists seem to be out to prove this.

The physical body differences of male and female provides personal consciousness with only a representation of the interactions that take place between the chemical code in the chromosomes and the chemical process that contribute to physical body differences.  In other words, the chromosomal and chemical “design” decrees great tolerance in human physical, mental and emotional expression.  This is problematic only for those who choose to work themselves into hysterical prejudice and hatred for anyone that finds personal expression in a differnent manner from themselves.

 No, Virginia, there is no “gay gene,” but there is something that is infinitely grand: the God-allowable differences for all life expressions.

3 Responses to “Sex Attraction, A Bogus “Spiritual” Dilemma”

  1. And do you really think the ‘jesus hates homosexuals’ pew harlots are going to read this and ‘feel enlightened’? I think efforts such as these, though well meant are essentially futile. Those who already agree will agree with it, those who don’t won’t change their minds. I gave up on trying to reason with believers a long time ago.

    I noticed that when it gets sticky, they usually always resort to saying ‘that’s another faction of christianity’. They’ll never reason with you in a logical fashion, it’s like logic goes in one ear and out the next with them what concerns religious issues. Think you can spend your entire life grinding down an epic monologue and all they’ll say in response to you is ‘but the Bible says homosexuality is wrong’… it’s like they Just-Don’t-Listen. Hence, I’ve given up. Causing amnesia in the Christian individual and building some knowledge back up from scratch is probably your best option.

    • chouck017894 Says:

      Yeh, you’re right about the seeming futility of trying to rationalize with the “pew harlots,” but sometimes lightning strikes.

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