Jesus and God as Political Tools

Religious fanaticism in the United States has been growing like a malignant cancer ever since the early 1950s when the pulpit-pounders discovered that there was gold to be made in television.  Going hand in hand with radical religionism has been an intense drive since the early 1990s to install fanatical followers into positions of management in public interaction, from PTA in schools to infiltration of state offices up to national offices.  Jesus and God became little more to them than political tools, and any peaceful, spiritual content of Jesus’ alleged teachings that the New Testament extends as examples of conduct for attaining self-worthiness for salvation were tossed into the dumpster for grabs at mortal power.

There was/is and never has been any shortage of self-proclaimed mouthpieces of God.  Examples: Pat Robertson, James Dobson, Roberta Combs,  Jerry Falwell, Robert Grant, Ralph Reed, Donald Wildmon, Tony Perkins, etc., etc., etc.  Funny thing though, none of these theocracy advocates have ever produced any evidence of qualification as God’s mouthpiece.  Nonetheless, they attract hoards of vacant-headed cohorts too lazy to exercise their God-given mental faculties.  

So underhanded are these radical religionists that they have managed to misrepresent not only the teachings accredited to Jesus, but have perverted the ideals and counsel handed down by our nation’s forefathers.  There has been through the last fifty year an explosion of so-called institutes of learning that are nothing more than fronts for religious indoctrination, which commonly just happen to include counseling in political science.  And as they shaft the nation’s citizens, they operated under protective tax advantages!  No one seems to think it odd that God should have to stoop to such indulgence in deception and money-grubbing to have his wishes known.  

Why should God need the American Center for Law and Justice linked with Pat Robertson, for example?  Was it God who directed Pat Robertson in 1998 to form Freedom Gold Limited, an off-shore company registered in the Cayman Islands but based in his Christian Broadcasting Network  in Virginia Beach?  Did that actually bring followers closer to God?  And why should God need the Family Research Council, a Washington-based lobbying group headed by Tony Perkins?  Why should God need to dabble in politics or off-shore dealings at all?  Is he, God, who is said to be omniscient, incapable of communing with seekers on a personal level?

When did respect for a higher creative force become expressed through the practice of intolerance toward the diversity of life which that all-knowing power created?   But good old Pat Robertson’s inflated ego, for example, has always been tuned in to God’s holy hatred and he spouts his venom at every opportunity with the express purpose of destroying democratic traditions, rewriting national history, encouraging subversive conduct, and cheering on other terrorist indulgences.  Robertson’s Christian Broadcasting Network, for example, raked in $278,738,060 in revenue in 2008.  The American Family Association, by “Rev.” Donald Wildmon pulled in revenue to the tune of $22,547,087 in 2008.  The so-called Concerned Women for America, founded by Tim and Beverly LaHaye, garnered $10,580,290 in 2008.  James Dobson’s lofty sounding Focus on the Family netted $145,194,701 in revenues in 2008. 

Other use of religion for profit examples include American Center for Law and Justice, whose founders were Pat Robertson and Jay Sekulow, had a revenue in 2008 of $11,667,456.  Tony Perkins’ Family Research Council  in 2008 pulled in $14,646,344 revenue.  The lofty sounding American Defense Fund, whose president, CEO, and General Counsel is Alan Sears, funded themselves with $31,644,593 in 2008 revenues.  Maybe we should also mention the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission with the Southern Baptist Convention; together their 2007 revenue amounted to $205,716,834.  How’s that for holy work!

Faith should not be packaged as a product to be used for ego gratification and earthly wealth.

2 Responses to “Jesus and God as Political Tools”

  1. Greta Craddolph Says:

    Though you may only be one “shouter” in this vast wilderness of greed and deception, you message has been heard. Thank you and please, keep on shouting.

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