“Baby Killers” & Biblical Pretexts

With the murder of Dr. George Tiller, a doctor dedicated to women’s health, the delusional “pro-life” (anti-choice) crowd believe they have served god’s loving intention for mankind by indulging in killing life that is actually conscious of its life.  On the other hand, any initiated substance within a human female is imagined by them to be personally okayed by the “father” in heaven, whether through forced intercourse (rape), incest coupling, lustful abandon, or even if the pregnancy could kill the bearer of that lordly approved “blessing.”

Religious misconception (excuse the unintended pun) is the basis for such an attitude with it roots buried deep in primal tribal encouragement to “multiply” for the purpose of increasing the tribal power base.  Most all religious cults have always encouraged the same “go forth and multiply” scheme to keep their range of manipulative influence as large as possible.  It is for this very reason that so many Old Testament starring characters are  recorded to have slain even pregnant women and infants in their battles over territorial control.  That “Holy Book” accounting does not exactly support the claim by the “pro-life” crowd that god is favorably inclined to any and all new-forming human life.

If in doubt of  god’s indifference toward forming life forms maybe some inspirational incidents from “holy” scriptures will give pause for thought.  There’s good ol’  Joshua as a prime example, the savior of  Israelite/Hebrew/Jewish lifestyle.  At Jericho, Joshua made certain “…every man to woman, from young man to old man and to bull and sheep and ass..” perished; i.e. every living creature was slain, including pregnant women, allegedly at Jehovah’s instruction.  At the city of Ai Joshua “…did not draw back his hand with which he streched out the javelin until he had devoted all the inhabitant of Ai to  destruction” –which means the slaughter included pregnant women, new borns and infants (Joshua 8:26).  “Only domestic animals and the spoil of that city…” were spared.  God’s strange obsession with material things alway seemed to accompany Joshua’s murderous campaigns.  At Hazor “no breathing thing at all was left over…” (Joshua 11:8).  This holocaustic rampage continues for pages as he went about “striking every soul within” the cities.  Etc., etc.

The  scriptural “authority” by which the anti-abortion crowd justify their indulgence in domestic terror and violence happen to have been written by mortal MEN; tribal-thinking men who regarded women as chattel to be used for men’s pleasure or to further their worldly ambitions through many offspring.  Even impregnating one’s own sister, daughters or “bond maidens” was divinely acceptable if biblical tales are to be taken as instruction.  No wonder these domestic terrorists mistakenly think that any animalistic procreation that man is responsible for is “god’s will.”   Ignored is the fact that human life has evolved and prospered because our species  (has supposedlly) developed a superior brain—which, if they believe in “intelligent design,” man was obviously expected to use to monitor the quality, not reckless quantity, of life reproduction.

Tellingly, rogue elements of the anti-choice demonstrators have been predominantly men with only a small scattering of women drawn in to present an air of diversity.  At women’s health care centers, however, the defenders have been, with only rare exception, all females.  It is telling also that the slogan “pro-life” is carried by outright murderers.  Apparently the pro-life crowd feels that it is much more righteous to ignore the fact that an estimated 20,000 unwanted newborn infants die every day throughout the world and that thousands of other helpless babies are abandoned every hour.   If the so-called “pro-life” terrorists are truly concerned about new human life, why do they ignore the millions of abadoned or starving infants around the world that are left without a chance for a decent shot at life?


4 Responses to ““Baby Killers” & Biblical Pretexts”

  1. davisoftheapes1 Says:

    Let’s just say that Tiller was aborted. Then, everybody’s happy.

  2. davisoftheapes1 Says:

    How about if the shooter had put George in a big plastic garbage bag, filled it amniotic fluid and inserted a large trochar, cut him up and brought him out in pieces? Would that be cool?

    • chouck017894 Says:

      Dr. Tiller was a conscious, self-aware being who happened to care for the life of conscious beings. If you have any conscious memory from your period of formation or uterine development then maybe you would have a compelling argument. A person’s awareness of life began only from your first memory. I have noticed that you so-called “pro-life” drumbeaters pay no attention to to new borns and infants that are starving to death around the world. Isn’t that what is called hypocrisy?

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