Indulgence of Ego

Appealing and catering to disguised ego-gratification, which is to say the indulgence known as organized religion, invites the habit of disregard for any circumstance that does not correspond with their own.  Intolerance then becomes practiced as a spiritual virtue.  The inevitable result is conflict, which can hardly be claimed as a state of divine enlightenment. 

What we are then rewarded with from organized religions is not enlightenment, but armies of advocates espousing what they imagine to be religious correctness–devotion to an ism.  With that in place as their standard they freely parade their contempt for all the diverse states of material existence that give life its meaning and which affords life’s means of continuance.  Thus, when we speak of organized religion we are actually referring to the political manipulation of  “spirit” as a means of self-gratification.

This may explain why the history of every organized religion in the world is awash with blood instead of light, and why each “faith” functions more as a center of frustration instead of inner peace.  In other words, ego-gratification consumes itself to such an extent that it transforms itself into a life-denial program.   Once that plateau is attainted, self-serving doctrines and dogmas are set in place to destroy or at least oppose any different (saner) views of life’s connection to the universal.

Toe-the-line religions, as practices of ego-gratification, thus consciously turn their collective backs on the innumerable things that all manifested energy-forms have in common, and choose instead to emphasize the few differences that give life its potential to evolve into higher intelligence.  The shame of all organized religions is the emphasis that they always place on differences and then smear with prejudice.  The underlying singularity from which and in which all defined energy-forms experience manifestation can never be comprehended in such practices—especially when that singularity is imagined to be in the image of human characteristics!

The whole idea of spiritual superiority to any other manifest energy forms is nothing more than indulgence in ego-gratification:  in other words, a socially acceptable way to masturbate one’s ego.

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