RNA/DNA’s Covenant with Life

The claim of “covenant” with God is one of the fundamental theological motifs of Hebrew and Christian scriptures. The political spirituality that is suggested in too many scriptural situations very often have a hollow echo of priestly fabrication. On the other hand, the principle emphasis that is placed upon God’s alleged covenant with the Israelite people—i.e. the promised descendants of Abraham and Sarah—may be allusion to the properties through which life arises. In a very real sense, Abraham and Sarah can be said to serve as personifications of the characteristics of DNA and RNA.

As primal energies involve in accordance to the covenant held with the Life Principle—which may be said to be active as RNA (Ribonucleic Acid) with DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid) in the blue print of life—all manifestations of life follow the identical creative process into physical manifestation. All vertebrates (animals with backbones) evolved from a common ancestor: the genetic information that determines their development is virtually the same. Even human fetal development confirms the unity that exists between all life forms, for the primary stage of the human embryo development reveals visible indications of gills to be present in the potential life form. These are rapidly modified, however, as energies involve according to the covenant with the Life Principle—the covenant made manifest as the RNA with the DNA blueprint of life. These are the “laws” of life which determine the name of the thing.

The brief and rapidly changing embryonic resemblance to other life forms is, typically, shrugged off by science as only superficial in appearance. Nonetheless, it affirms that all life issues from one source, but embryos diverge in their gestation early-on to involve along separate genetic paths. This really is not something to shrug off as superficial!

As energy-substances involve with purpose it is, figuratively speaking, baptized in the waters of creation and is given its name (physical identity). This accounts for the biblical assertion that to know the name of a thing or person is to possess special power, for it identifies the form by its limitations.

There are only preliminary specifications set down in the DNA, and in the creative process there is always an avoidance of unnecessary extravagance. The physical organ of the brain, one of the marvel-constructions of genetic power, is an excellent example in avoidance of creative excess for it is assembled from a narrow spectrum of genetic material. Brain activity (and heartbeat) begins about the sixth week. The entire physical body of every living person is composed of only about one hundred-thousand genes, and yet out of this relatively small amount of genes the brain is forged which has in excess of one hundred trillion-trillion nerve cells! And each nerve cell may, in turn, form as many as ten thousand connections with its neighbor cells! In face of these figures there seems to be a vast discerpancy between the low number of genes and the astronomical number of nerve cell connections.

That we each issue out of quantum reality is testified by the energy out of which we are made manifest. The active principle that we speak of as “life” has no weight and no limited dimension, and yet that principle holds within it the presence and potential of every living and inanimate thing. That awesome power exists from the greatest manifest matter-forms even into the most microscopic limits where transparent, almost invisible protoplasm twists and wiggles with proto-life. That quantum-like power is incomprehensible, for if all genes responsible for all the people living in the world could be collected in one container there would be less than a thimbleful!

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