Guiding Star

From the most remote recorded times the North Pole Star has been regarded as the guide star of the heavens because it seemed to be the constant, dependable pivotal point of Earth’s motion. The sense of permanence and dependability that the Pole Star presented travelers through the millennia was therefore thought to represent the “throne” or the highest seat of wisdom–or seat of godhood. In antiquity the North Pole Star was regarded as symbolic of divine love which never misleads–if you pay attention.

The northern circle of the sky, or Pole Star region was of prime importance in the religious beliefs of the earliest recorded peoples because the star represented the supreme position. Part of the divine mystery, however, is that the same star has not always served as Earth’s Pole Star!

The Great Pyramid of Egypt, for example, was constructed with important features focused upon the Pole Star–which in the time of its construction was the star Thuban in constellation Draco, the great dragon of the heavens. Indeed a diminutive shaft rose from the so-called King’s Chamber which was precisely inclined so it focused on the star Thuban. In addition a similar diminutive shaft rose from the so-called Queen’s Chamber to focus upon the region of Ursa Minor which contains four stars which are in close association with the Pole Star of our age. All these northern circumpolar stars were addressed in ancient Egyptian texts as “the Indestructible Ones” or “the Imperishable Ones.” However, around 10,000 years ago the star Vega in constellation Lyra had marked the North Celestial Pole. Oddly, this prior time was spoken of in ancient Egypt as “the First Time of Osiris”–a phrase that has always puzzled historians and astronomers.

The most famous star in the heavens is Polaris, Earth’s present Pole Star, which ranks as only the 49th in brightness among all the stars. Ancient cultures believed that where and how the Pole Star was viewed from Earth served as an indicator of the spiritual needs on Earth. This gives reason to pause for thought: in a very few hundred years the star Polaris will no longer mark the Earth’s celestial pole. After that time, due to precession of equinoxes, there will be no distinct pole star for reference until around 23,000 CE!

As Polaris withdraws as Earth’s guide star, will the world at last stand upon the threshold of cosmic comprehension–or does it indicate something more sinister? Can the human species finally become compassionate and responsible enough in the next few hundred years to enter the window of opportunity and achieve genuine moral principles?


Pole Star information is summarized from The Celestial Scriptures: Keys to the Suppressed Wisdom of the Ancients, ISBN: 0-595-20913-0–interrelated information to Time Frames and Taboo Data.

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