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An astonishing amount of what we are taught and accept as history is commonly a sanitized version of past events that have been crafted for self-preservation by some power structure that happens to hold dominion over a mass of people. Nations and empires rise and fall, each giving its own account of its claimed intrinsic worth. Amidst these living and variable power plays there is one element that seems to endure like some shape-shifting form of the undead, and the reason and covert actions responsible for its continuing survival is the primary focus of Time Frames and Taboo Data which probes into some of the conceits and deceits that have served as the cornerstones of various religious practices.

The world that we know today is demonstrably the outgrowth of manipulated interpretations of past events. Societies find this to be tolerable because just enough truth is incorporated into the accounts to disguise the traditions and political ideologies that are being promoted. This is especially true when a chronicler pretends to record “spiritual” territory. There is always a measure of the unknown in any history presentation, but it is predominant in “faith” accounts.

Unfortunately for mankind, this has long allowed a broad array of devious pretenders of “revealed” knowledge to use peoples’ apprehension of the unknown as a means to manipulate masses of uncritical people. This blind willingness to believe improbable claims is not exactly in the best interest of humankind, for if large portions of true history are covered with trickery and deceit then mankind is seriously hindered from attaining its higher potential.

There is an age-old claim that religious belief is the standard-bearer of ethics and morality, but the warring and bloodshed that has flooded over the millennia in the name of improvable theological speculations disprove that claim. Add to this that religious fanatics have, with their head-in-the-sand zeal, continually condemned any and all in-depth scientific research into life’s mysteries in favor of Bronze Age fantasies of never-seen gods. This makes for profitable business for the “messengers” and mouthpieces of these belief systems, and thus the seeds of needless tragedies continue to be sown.


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